Monthly Archives: June 2011

How to Turn OFF Windows Updates Notifications

Windows Update

Be it Windows XP or Windows 7 or take any Windows versions you would be having updates ready for your present versions from time to time. Even though you have genuine license, you would be require to install those updates one by one. For all the updates the restart is compulsory and I get annoyed when I see those updates ...

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How to Uninstall Internet Explorer in Windows 7

Windows IE Uninstall

With many users preferring to go with Firefox and Google Chrome than going with Internet Explorer, drastically there has been a decline in users who use Internet Explorer. What is Microsoft thinking of it now? With the latest release of Windows 7, you can uninstall Internet Explorer and this could be much relief to many of them. With the new ...

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How to Setup Parental Control in Windows 7 to Restrict Users

Understanding Parental Controls Changes

As a parent there is reason to install Windows 7 on your PC. Windows 7 operating system is very kind to parents by preventing their children from accessing certain programs, games and complete PC access. Though your search at Google would be leading to paid software’s and free software but I am sure there is no requirement of such software ...

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How to Share, Pictures and videos on Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 Logo

Unlike some of the phones, Windows Phone 7 offers a whole new sorts of flexibility when it comes to the sharing of pictures as well as videos from your Windows Phone 7. Sharing exactly helps you to exchange the content from or to your phone from other devices which have bluetooth etc. by the medium which you can share all ...

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How to enable hidden features of Windows 8 with RedPill Enabler

redpill enabler

We all know, from last couple of months several inner development build of Windows 8 has been leaked all over the web. The latest Windows 8 build leaked is M3 7989, which have several hidden features in it, some of which has been showed by Microsoft at computex Taipei 2011 D9 conference. If you are testing this latest Windows 8 ...

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Creating a System Restore Point in Windows 7


The Restore Point in Windows operating system helps you to make a restore point at a time. During crash of windows you can call that last created restore point and save your PC during failures. Here is the procedure on how you will setup the Restore Point in Windows 7 operating system- Click Start button and type create restore then ...

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How to Sync or Connect Bluetooth on Windows Phone 7

WP7 Logo

So how many times you wanted to connect or sync the bluetooth on your Windows Phone 7 and couldn’t do that just because of some complex settings? So, not anymore from now as we will see on how you can easily sync or connect the Bluetooth on your Windows Phone 7 with other devices be it Android, Blackberry or call ...

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How to Turn Off Navigation Pane in Windows Explorer View

Navigation Pane

Navigation Pane in the Windows Operating system PC allows you to quickly navigate from one section to another in your PC. An advanced user can easily understand it but a lot of users are searching for the ways to customize its appearances or tips to turn it off. Here is the simple procedure by which you can turn off navigation ...

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