Monthly Archives: June 2011

Microsoft Surface Experience – Apps Demo

Microsoft Surface Logo

In an age of innovation which is just growing day by day, it’s now evident that a digital wave of revolution has arrived as in this article we will now see on what is an all new setup which will soon turn into the reality and this time by none other than from the tables of Microsoft. You might have ...

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How do I Change Mouse Scroll Wheel Settings

Windows Mouse Wheel

Last time we have wrote about on how to change Mouse Pointers in Windows 7 for your home PC. This time we cover about the Mouse Wheel on how it performs with predefined scroll. Mouse Scroll Wheel Settings Many of us don’t want to go with advance settings and most of the times technical people can easily understand tips and ...

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How to Add more Tabs on IE – Windows Phone 7

Internet Explorer Logo

For all those who wanted to ass more tabs on the Windows 7 Phone Internet Explorer, let’s check out the same on how you can add the same. As there are quite a few people who have migrated from the earlier Nokia or even Android phones and with the arrival of Windows Phone 7 along with the Mango update of ...

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Process to Disable Disk Burn function in Windows 7

Disable CD Burn List

Last few articles we have covered about mostly on Windows 7 Phone like Install apps from Windows Phone 7 Market Place, Pin Websites on Windows 7 Phone Browser and Setup Email Account on Windows Phone 7. This time we return back to Windows 7 operating system tips and tricks. We go with Disabling the Disk Burn function to that its ...

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How to Install apps from Windows Phone 7 Market Place

Pleaces WP7 Logo

For all those who have recently come across the phone called Windows Phone 7, you might want to know on how actually and simply install the applications on your Windows Phone 7 as the biggest issue withj the Windows Phone 7 is that one cannot install the applications from the third parties which is nothing but that side loading of ...

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Add New Folder to Windows Taskbar via Toolbars

Windows Toolbar

If you have one folder that you constantly retrieve it then it would be annoying for you to go deep into drives for a particular file to save. If it’s one time work we can do it but if you are doing it more often then it’s better to place a shortcut icon on the desktop. Preferably another good thing ...

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Hide or Remove Shutdown Options in Windows Start Menu

Add Remove Shutdown Button

How often you didn’t need Shutdown button in your PC? I think the answer would be no time, ie., I always need that options as always whenever a critical software is installed it need a Restart to the PC. So here is one optional trick which can be performed on your registry. You can remove shutdown button from your computer ...

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Shuffle or Set Slideshow for Windows Desktop Backgrounds

Shuffle Desktop Backgrounds

Windows 7 has many features included when compared to its previous versions. Windows 7 has the very good option of customizable slideshow displaying as your desktop background. Procedure to Shuffle Windows 7 Desktop Backgrounds To shuffle your background you need to do the following steps – Right click on the desktop and select Personalize. Now click on Desktop Background. Now ...

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