Monthly Archives: July 2011

What is Audiodg.exe & How to Fix High CPU Usage Error

Windows 7 Sound

When you run the program PlaySound to play the music, your PC slows down because of the memory leak which occurs in the Audiodg.exe process. This memory leak consumes several hundreds of bytes every time that they PlaySound function is called for the use. This phenomenon was first observed in Windows Vista and then later carried on to Windows 7 ...

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How to Set up Windows Live Hotmail POP3 and SMTP Manually


Windows Live Hotmail is one of the most popular web based emailing service. And you need your email account where ever you go. Almost all phones has facility of Push Mail, to use push mail service on your phone or to manually configure you desktop email client like Office Outlook, Thunderbird etc. to receive emails from your Windows Live Hotmail ...

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What is Hiberfil.sys File & How to Delete it

Command Prompt

Hibernation in your PC has both uses and advantages. If you have frequent power cuts and your UPS offers less battery backup then you can enable Hibernation mode on your PC which allows you to quickly save a copy of everything in your PC memory (RAM) onto your hard drive before it shuts down. As I said Hibernation on your ...

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Software to Backup & Restore Windows Drivers


Drivers are essential required for the Windows as the hardware of your PC runs on it. But it happens that sometimes there might be issues with Windows either wanted or unwanted. Semper Driver Backup is a freeware tool for Windows PC and laptops allowing you to take a backup of drivers. So you can take backup of all the drivers ...

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How to Shrink and Extend Disk Partition in Windows 7 or Vista

Here I come again with an useful tutorial on how to extend a disk partition in Windows 7 or Vista using the disk management snap-in available in Computer Management tools. It often happens with us, We create a 30-40 GB partition for primary OS and later on when we install lots of software, the space crisis begins, partition gets full ...

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How to Remove Password from PDF Files

You often download PDF files from web and when you try to open it, you find that it is password protected and unable to read it. And you can face this problem also when you password protected your own file and forgot the password. And here when PDF password removers come to rescue. There are several paid, free and online ...

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Fix Cannot Renew IP Address Error in Windows

LAN Properties

Sometime it happens that there is the problem in your PC if you click on Renew your IP address whenever there is no availability of internet. If you get an error with text showing “An error occurred while renewing interface Local Area Connection : An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket.” Then it’s the problem with ...

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How to Password Protect PDF Files using PDF Creators

To password protect PDF files, you need to have a PDF creator program installed in your computer. There are several PDF creators available to use, Adobe Acrobat, Foxit PDF Creator, Nitro PDF Professional etc. are some of most commonly used programs. All of them provides facility to secure the PDF documents, you can either create a new pdf file or ...

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