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Set Multiple Clocks on Windows System Tray Area

Windows 7 Clock Settings

If you have a family located in two different countries or you have your partner working at some other country and if you are too lazy to calculate what’s the time in Washington, United States, this guide is for you to setup two clocks on your PC. The one clock will show your local time and other clock will show ...

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Add My Computer icon to Windows 7 Taskbar

Computer icon through Taskbar

Taskbar in Windows 7 is meant to provide the quickest possible way to access the particular task. Often I place most used icon on the taskbar of my work PC. So when I am into work I like myself to be quick on accessing to the folders. So I thought it’s better to place my Computer icon on taskbar and ...

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How to Set Default Location to Locate Sensor on Windows 7

Default Locations in Windows 7

Windows 7 has lot of development in many fields than Windows Vista or Windows XP. There are lot many features in Windows 7 which can help you. In Windows 7 you can use default location to provide information about your computer’s geographic location. It’s quite helpful when you have a laptop with location sensor such as GPS receiver. Setting Your ...

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Get Sound Alerts when Pressing Caps/Num/Scroll Lock Buttons

It may happen that you have accidentally type little text in small letters which you wanted actually in CAPS or vice versa. Generally I see the wrong thing mistake when I have completed the sentence in other case. Present in the guide we have tutorial on how to turn toggle keys on as when the Caps, Scroll and Num Lock ...

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How to Increase Screen Font Size on Windows 7

Not everyone has the perfect eye sight and keeping this in mind, I think the Operating System were developed to allow users to increase font size, screen size and resolution. Sometimes it’s hard to read the small text for some users and in such cases you can increase the size of screen fonts to make the text easily readable. Increasing ...

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How to Set AutoPlay Defaults on Windows 7

Windows 7 AutoPlay

If you have frequent work with memory card, CD/DVD, pen drive and other drives then you might be plug-in or plug-out your devices many times. So if you are on among those people who insert/remove pen drives and CDs then AutoPlay would be a better option for your and could save your time. In general AutoPlay for Windows OS defines ...

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How To Fix Microsoft Tag Reader Error on Windows Phone 7

Microsoft offers with a very useful tool called as the Microsoft Tag which allows you to easily Create your own Tags and then scan the same from most smart phones. These can be useful in detecting products, connecting with others, sharing business cards or attending events and signing in for the same. Most of the Smartphone marketplaces have the Tag ...

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Windows Phone 7 Update 7.0.7392.0 Tutorial

If you are having a Windows Phone 7 then you might have got an minor update today, though this update doesn’t add any additional feature sets but this update is all about the fixation of digital certificates for 9 of its applications which are,, (3 certificates),, and also “Global Trustee”. The cause of this update ...

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How to Burn Windows 8 IMG ISO BIN DVD Images to Disk

Windows 8 Logo

Last time we saw on how you can download the latest beta release of the Windows 8 Milestone 3 edition from the torrent file which is basically an iso file and requires you to copy this iso file in the DVD preferably so that you can boot the DVD to install the same on your computer. If you have just ...

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Download & Install Yahoo Messenger App for Windows Phone 7

IM Buddy Logo

If you are the one who wants to have an access to the Yahoo Messenger on your Windows Phone 7, IM Buddy is there for your needs. IM Buddy is the first of its kind messenger which not only simplifies the Yahoo Messenger experience but also is very simple to download and install the same. Since this IM Buddy makes ...

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