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How to Sort in Alphabetical Order in MS Word & Excel

Microsoft Office

Many of the users who recently started using the Microsoft Word might encounter with an issue or doubt on how you can easily sort in the alphabetical order in the Microsoft Word as in the Microsoft Excel. This feature is very useful when you have a list of items and you want to quickly sort them in ascending or descending ...

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Launch Windows XP Mode in Full Screen in Windows 7

windows xp in windows 7 logo

For all those who wanted to launch the Windows XP mode in the full screen in the Windows 7 we will let you know on how you can easily launch the same. There are many users who have come from the Windows XP operating system to the latest Windows 7 operating system and may find it difficult to adapt to ...

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How to Stop Users from Changing Windows 7 Themes

Windows 7 Logo

For all those who wanted to ensure that the themes are not changed in the Windows 7 based computers then we will let you know on how you can easily stop the users from changing the Windows 7 themes. Many times it happens that users change the theme according to their choice forgetting the fact that it’s not their computer. ...

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Fix NTVDM.exe Errors which Hogs CPU Resources Usage

Windows Logo

Have you ever encountered with an error of NTVDM.exe, basically this error is the root cause for the increase of virus attacks and also lot of viruses get away with the help of this NTVDM and infect the system. Though the file size of this file is just mere 520Kb, it has a potential to crack down all security related ...

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Set Windows Phone 7 Metro Theme on Windows Desktop PC

Windows Phone 7 Logo

For all those who don’t have either a Windows Phone 7 or even a Windows 7 but still want to taste the latest Windows Phone 7 tile experience on a larger screen in desktop and that too wither on your Windows 7 system or Windows XP system. With one of the best user interface, the Windows Phone 7 has really ...

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How to prevent Guest account from viewing event logs

One last but important security concern for Guest users is Event Logs, you would not want your Guest user to have access to your Event Logs information Steps to make Event Logs inaccessible to Guest User: Go to Start Menu and type “regedit” in the search box which will lead to the regedit.exe link in the search results. After clicking ...

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How to prevent Guest user from Shutting down your computer

You might be thinking is this of so much importance to know and waste your time reading this post, let me tell you why preventing a Guest user from shutting down and starting your computer is useful. A Guest User or anyone with Local access could gain unauthorized access to your computer and your important files and folders by shutting ...

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How to prevent Guest Account from being accessed from other computers

Guest accounts should not  be open to be accessed by users through other computers which will result in loss of your privacy, personal information and your important documents and files can be easily accessed from other computers and manipulated. So to prevent all these from happening we have to Secure our account by implementing some Security policies. By following these ...

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How to create a Secure windows 7 Guest Account

If your using a windows PC  and if it is the only one in your house which is used by many people for example your children who might be playing games and suddenly get hold of your important Office Documents which you have to present the next day and by mistake delete them, all your hard work  will be wasted, ...

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Best 25 Apps for Windows Phone 8 Devices

Windows Phone 8 is the latest and the hottest operating system for mobiles these days. It is one of the simplest too, but everything can be beautified and made better with the availability of numerous apps that help in improving the interface. We have collected a list of the best 25 apps for the Windows Phone 8 phones, which range ...

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