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How to Capture Video of your screen with On screen recorder?

on screen video recorder

Capture video without a video camera, yes its possible. Just by using a simple software tool you can capture the on screen contents, it’s a very useful tool for web tutors and also for people who makes online web tutorials. It’s a very useful tool for teaching computer as this tool gives practical knowledge than a traditional handbook containing step ...

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Useful list of Windows 7 tips and tricks

windows 7 Logo

If you have just moved from older versions of Windows operating system to an all new Microsoft Windows 7 and if you are surprised what are things which are 9 notable features or tricks you wanted to know, this is all we will be running through in this article. Let’s have a look at points below which will help you ...

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How to Smartly Update your Windows 7?

windows 7 update logo

Windows Update, be it security patches or prevention from latest threats windows update has it all, so have you ever though how to activate this windows update option if your system doesn’t receive any sort of updates. These updates sometimes are critical as Microsoft further tries to fine tune your PC or laptop for a better performance. It’s not necessary ...

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Top 10 Tips to Speed up your PC or Laptop Computer

Speed up your PC or laptop

“MY PC or LAPTOP IS RUNNING VERY SLOW” is the common phrase many of us generally use. You will not use that irritating phrase once again, not anymore as we will now be checking out top 10 routine maintenance and cleanup steps which will help in boosting the speed of your computer. Please note, these 10 tips also can be ...

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How to Back up Internet Explorer settings?

download backrex

Many times it happens that after painful configuration of Internet explorer settings like, proxy and connection settings, dial up accounts, auto complete forms, passwords, favorites and many other things like cookies and also your list of favorites these settings may get deleted very simply, but not to worry, we will now explain about a tool which is called as Back ...

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How to add “RUN” command to Start Menu is Windows 7

run to start logo

“RUN” option in computing is really a very important tool, why i’m telling this because if you have recently upgraded to Windows 7 operating system from your older version of Windows XP or if you are a Windows 7 operating system user from quite a while then you must have found that “RUN” command option is missing in the start ...

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