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How to use Windows XP mode in Windows 7 virtually

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Have you ever wanted to use Windows XP operating system on your Windows 7 operating system, no I’m not talking of by dual operating system boot procedure but with virtual PC based environment. XP Mode is basically a virtual based environment which can be installed and operated on a compatible Windows 7 Starter, Home, Professional, Enterprise or even Ultimate operating ...

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How to get rid of desktop.ini files

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Problem: Many of us still use Windows XP operating system and more often sometimes you might have noted that a file named desktop.ini is almost there on your computer. You might encounter with a question now, Yes! What is this, and how can I get rid of this file and is it an important file like if I delete this ...

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How to set Videos as desktop wallpapers

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Have you ever wanted to keep moving wall papers just like these days many mobile phones have this capability which is most popular by the name Dream scene which allows you to use video files as your desktop back ground or wall paper. Though Windows XP doesn’t support Dream scene, the immediate versions of Windows XP like Windows Vista and ...

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How to uninstall Service Pack 1 in Windows 7

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Recently many of us who are currently on Windows 7 operating system has installed the Service Pack 1 beta update which once loaded used to slow down the PC and also came with many issues like missing DVD drive, documents and folders options to name a few bugs. Many of the users asked us on how to uninstall this unwanted ...

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IE 9: How to turn website into web application

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Of late, we generally talk of only Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when it comes to web browsing as its currently having tons and tons of add-ons but did you know there are some cool trick applications which pledges to ease your Internet browsing by taking convenience to a whole new level. Have you heard of turning your favorite websites ...

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How to enable compatibility view in Internet Explorer 9

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Internet Explorer 9, the latest browser from Microsoft family has some glitches in its operations. Some of the users reported that web pages doesn’t render correctly with IE 9 as its evident because most of the web pages were designed for earlier functions and still some of them didn’t update. Not to worry, we will see now how you can ...

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How to Disable Hardware Acceleration in IE 9

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One of the stand out feature which makes the latest Internet Explorer 9 special than Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or any other browser is its Hardware acceleration which uses Graphical processing unit of the computer which helps your web pages to render at a faster rate which offers next-generation experiences with GPU-powered HTML5 graphics. With the combination of hardware acceleration ...

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How to Split larger files in smaller size in Windows XP

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We have many splitting and joining multiple files to transfer larger files and also splitting large files in Windows and Mac tools but this tool is different from the two as this tool doesn’t require and joining of the files which are split. If you ever wanted to share that splitted file with other person through an e mail then ...

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How to Create or Restore backup of System Registry files

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Windows Registry is the heart of your Operating system as it is loaded with all important components which include settings and configurations of your computer. Windows registry enables all devices which are installed with all programs, icons, ports and also graphical user interface (GUI) to run properly, without windows registry system will not run properly. The “REGBAK” is a tool ...

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