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How to disable Stacking of windows in Windows 7

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Many times in Windows 7, the same application gets stacked up automatically which may be very irritating some times. If there are many applications which are opened up then only luck will find the application which you are searching for. Now, let us see that how you can disable this irritating stacking feature which is a default feature by Windows ...

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Change Windows XP looks to Windows Vista easily

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If you are on Windows XP then you might have definitely bored of looking at the same theme or style every day. So let’s proceed for a change in which your Windows XP will look like as if it’s a Windows Vista operating system and not the Windows XP, at least with looks no one will be able to make ...

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How to use automatic advancement tool in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010


Microsoft Power Point is a very important tool in terms of presentation and we all use it in our daily lives. Have you ever came to know or used a tool called automatic advancement in Microsoft Power point? No, then the automatic advancement tool in Power point enables to transition the slides automatically rather than manually changing the presentation slides ...

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How to Enable Windows Numeric KeyPad Onscreen Keyboard

on screen keyboard

If you use the latest Windows 7 and want to enable the on screen keyboard with the numeric keys disabled then let’s check out how you can do so very easily. By default, you can enable the key pad so that you can input the numbers very easily. On–Screen Keyboard basically is an utility which displays a virtual keyboard on ...

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How to Enable Slow Motion Effects in Windows 7

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Want to get more out of your Windows 7 operating system? Then we will guide you in the same and will see on how you can enable slow motion effects in Windows 7. Generally, when you minimize a window, you use Alt+Tab or even flip 3D to switch between different windows or even the aero effects which looks stunning in ...

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