While Google Stadia has been officially launched in a few regions around the world, it was restricted to only Pixel devices for mobile gameplay. Reports are coming out that it’s now being extended to non-Pixel Android smartphones as well.

According to a report by 9to5Google, devices including the OnePlus 6T, Samsung Galaxy 10e and Note 9 have been able to get access to Stadia. Since Stadia has launched only as a paid service, only subscribers were able to receive access. The Stadia mobile app displayed the option of “This screen” instead of “Choose where to play” which means that they can play the game on that particular device.

Users were able to start a game in Stadia while connected over Wi-Fi after connecting the Stadia controller. The report states the access would end after one single session. It appears like Google is doing early tests to see how well does Stadia work on other Android devices. It’s clear that the company won’t keep the service restricted to only Pixel devices and open it up to the other mobile devices in the future.

Based on the devices it was reported to be working on, it indicates that Google is trying to make the service work on older generation devices as well. Obviously, there’s no definite date on when Stadia will officially roll out on non-Pixel devices.


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