4 Unusual Ways to Design a Farmhouse Kitchen

Do you remember those good old days when you used to enjoy a splendid time during your vacation in the farmhouse of your grandparents? Those warm cozy afternoon in the kitchen, enjoying the bowl of tasty soup and the spicy veggies surely make you feel nostalgic even today. Definitely, after a long tiring day or week, you yearn for a warm evening like that in a kitchen where you will be in peace while enjoying your cuppa in soothing solitude. So, when you can recreate all those recipes and coffee, why don’t you recreate such a beautiful cozy farmhouse kitchen in your house?

If you ask any designer, they will tell how hot a trend it is this year to design a farmhouse kitchen in a modern home in America. It is almost like the era of the revival of what is already forgotten. So, when you are planning to design the kitchen interior of your home, why you will remain away from this bandwagon? Get on and enjoy the ride of designing a welcoming farmhouse kitchen. Read on for more inspiration.

An Eclectic Mix

There is a thin line between the design of a farmhouse kitchen in a modern home and how it used to be years back in your grandparent’s house. Today, the kitchen you will be designing won’t be a mess where different elements are just thrown together carelessly to make it work. A modern farmhouse kitchen is a conscious teaming up of the eclectic elements that will create a bold statement in the interior of your kitchen. How? For example, when you are setting up the too modern and metallic mid-century stools around the bar counter, think of adding a stunning chandelier overhead which will invoke the charm that is essentially Victorian. Think of more detailing so that the sync remains in the design.

More Storage and Then Some More

A farmhouse kitchen is essentially functional and bulky in style. So, there is no need to go miser when you are planning to add more and more storage in your kitchen. So, while shopping or cabinets, be generous. Wrap your kitchen with cabinets underneath the countertops. Then choose free standing cabinets too that will replace the kitchen island for you. This will add a feel of butler’s counter in your kitchen which will essentially make the space look more functional and perfectly go with the spirit of the farmhouse kitchen you are choosing.

Signature Neutral Palette

For a kitchen like this, it is necessary that you think of going by the natural palette which is an essential part of the farmhouse kitchen. When you are thinking of a neutral palette for your kitchen, go for vintage white cabinets which will add up to the elegance of the design. You can complement the cabinets with the darker or metallic handles and knobs that will perfectly go with the signature farmhouse style. Go for steel when you are planning to add a bit of metal.

Warm Natural Texture

If you don’t want the monotony that the white décor can exude, you can easily opt for natural texture in the kitchen. How? Bring in the walnut cabinets. The warm golden brown color, the grainy texture which is essentially a natural attribute of this wood, the welcoming feel that this style exudes, everything will perk up the glam quotient of this kitchen. Choose this style and you can give the kitchens from the glossy magazines a run for their money.

So, now as you know about these ways of creating a warm farmhouse kitchen in the modern American home, what are you waiting for? Bring in all the right elements and design. You can thank me later.

4 Unusual Ways to Design a Farmhouse Kitchen

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