When people hear the word “home improvement,” most of us usually associate it with repairs and modifications that cost a lot of money. However, this is not always the case. It can also be done with just a shoestring budget and heaps of creativity and inspiration in place.

Home improvement may also mean reorganizing your stuff to free up some space in your home. It could also be as simple as adding themed decorations to add a cosy ambiance to your place. Some may also employ a color pallette and monochromatic themes to their room to make it look sophisticated in an instant.

So if you’re here just to look for home improvement inspirations, we’re giving you some tips below that can fit either the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or your rest room.

  1. Short on space, but need to display a lot of stuff? Install wall shelves.

Many of us are struggling with space, especially for those who are living on a flat or apartment. If you have a lot of stuff such as books, figurines, and photo frames but adding a cabinet or bookshelf would just seem too bulky for your room, then installing wall shelves is the solution. You can either buy a ready made shelf and install it yourself, or completely DIY the whole thing using scraps of wood or metal and some paint.

You can use this in your living room to display your decors and indoor plants, it can also be installed in your kitchen where your spice jars can be easily reached, or put them in your bedroom too for books and other personal belongings.

  1. Repainting? Try stripes.

If you are planning to repaint your home, try to add a bit of flavor to your color schemes by using stripes. It does not have to be black and white stripes or bright and neon-colored stripes, it can be simple shades such as cream with beige, light and pastel pink, or earthly, natural colors.

  1. Create a DIY kitchen note/memo board.

This is easy because you can simply buy a cork board from your local school supply store (or a white or green board – whichever you prefer) and hang it on your kitchen wall. If you want your board to be larger, you can join 2 to 4 regular sized cork boards to achieve a bigger-sized one.

A memo board is useful especially if you need to remind yourself which grocery items you might need to refill, and what chores should be fulfilled by your partner, kids, or housemates.

  1. Beautify any room with succulents.

Because of its small size, succulents are perfect for decorating while saving space at the same time. Moreover, they are not exactly hard to care for – they only need six hours of light sunshine each day and water is only needed once per week. You can line them up on a windowsill and see how it could instantly add a breath of fresh air in any room.

  1. Add wooden pieces and accents.

Putting wooden pieces and accents add a rustic and country-like feel to your home. This could be through wooden crate-like seats, wooden organizers, coffee tables, trays and coasters.

  1. Install a roll-out kitchen pantry.

Like wall shelves, a roll-out kitchen pantry can save you space since this can be rolled inside your kitchen counter. You can put your stock of cereal, coffee, flour and seasonings here. It may be a little hard to DIY though, so you might want to summon professional help.

Aside from a roll-out kitchen pantry, a roll-out bin could also work. You can cut a hole on one side of your kitchen counters and install a bin below it so you can just drop fruit peelings and other kitchen residue easily.

  1. Cover up wall eyesores with a piece of art.

Well, we all have that problem. That part of a wall which has a stubborn crack, peeled paint, or simply an ugly stain can be an eyesore not just for you, but for visitors too. The solution is simple – cover it up! Well, cover it up artistically. You can fix that eyesore with a piece of art (or wall art), and if it is located near a wall shelf, just place a decorative thing on the shelf that is large enough to cover it.

If you’ve noticed, most of these improvement hacks do not require a big budget (save for those that need professional installment). The greater requirement however is merely creativity and some personality to ultimately transform any room.

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7 Really Clever Home Improvement Hacks

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