How to Add a Printer in Windows 7

Here is the procedure on how do you add a printer to your computer or laptop easily in Windows 7.

1. Click on Start and then click on ‘Devices & Printer’. Then you will be under the ‘Devices and Printer Control Panel‘ where you view all the devices that been already added to your computer.

Add a Printer

2. From the Navigation bar click on ‘Add Printer‘ to open add printer wizard.
Add a Printer

3. Adding a Printer
The wizard then will ask you about what kind of printer that you wanted to connect with your computer. If you are going with a simple home printer then select ‘Add a local printer’. If you are setting up with a wireless network or Bluetooth printer make sure that you are connected to the network and the device is turned ON.

Add a Printer

4. Printer Port Selection
Now its coming on choosing a printer port, normally all the printer are connected to a computer through USB cable, so locate accordingly the USB Port address.

Add a Printer

5. Installing the Printer driver

The next step is choosing the printer from the list. There are already many printer already listed which you can select by browsing the perfect category. Click on Windows Update to see more models if your model is not found. Now if you have found your printer then select it and click on Next.

Add a Printer

6. Type Printer Name

The next step is to type the printer name as you like to desired. Generally its better to keep the printer model name & version so that you can easily remember your printer if you have many printer connected to your computer.

Add a Printer

7. Printer Installation

Now the configuration and printer setting will go up and once done it will show you done.Add a Printer

This is the way you can add printer in Windows 7. Actually the procedure for adding a device is same as that of adding a printer. With the above procedure you can add as many printers as you would prefer to have.

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