Add My Computer icon to Windows 7 Taskbar

Taskbar in Windows 7 is meant to provide the quickest possible way to access the particular task. Often I place most used icon on the taskbar of my work PC. So when I am into work I like myself to be quick on accessing to the folders. So I thought it’s better to place my Computer icon on taskbar and this is how I did it.

So by adding My Computer menu as a folder you can easily access your drives. The following is the procedure on how you will do it –

  • To add a folder on taskbar, right click on the taskbar and choose Toolbar menu, then click on New Toolbar.Add to Taskbar
  • Now select Computer icon and then click on Select Folder.Add my Computer
  • Now you will see the computer folder present for you to be used directly through taskbar. It will popup very soon and gives direct path to your all drives.Computer icon through Taskbar

So now with few a single click I have access to all drives present on my PC and those are directly opened. The above setting is also applicable to Windows Vista operating system too.

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