How to Add more Tabs on IE – Windows Phone 7

Internet Explorer LogoFor all those who wanted to ass more tabs on the Windows 7 Phone Internet Explorer, let’s check out the same on how you can add the same. As there are quite a few people who have migrated from the earlier Nokia or even Android phones and with the arrival of Windows Phone 7 along with the Mango update of Windows 7.5 it becomes necessary on how you can easily add more tabs on Internet Explorer in your Windows Phone 7 in the due course of this article.

Procedure to add more tabs on IE Windows Phone 7:

  • First up you will have to go to your home screen on your Windows 7 home screen, if you have locked your device then unlock the same. After this just swipe the glass to the left so as to get into the list of applications as well as the settings which are there in your Windows Phone 7.
  • From the list of applications, all you need to do is to just tap on the “Internet Explorer” option after which the Internet Explorer browser will be opening up in your Windows Phone 7.
  • Now, just go to the website which you wish to get into and after that you will have to tap on the three dots which is there at the bottom right side part of your phone’s screen after which the different options will be popping up.
  • Now, you will see that there will be three icons at the bottom of your Windows Phone screen, just tap on the 3rd icon that is first from the right after which you will see that a new window will be opening up and to add the web pages all you need to do is to just tap on the “+” option and add the web pages on your Windows Phone 7.
  • At any point of time if you wish to close the windows which are opened in the multiple webpages format, just tap on the cross button to cancel the same.

So, in this way by following the above procedure you will be easily able to add more tabs in the Internet Explorer of your Windows Phone 7. For your convenience we have also made a video so as to ensure that you can easily add more tabs in the Internet Explorer of Windows Phone 7.

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