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How to Sync or Connect Bluetooth on Windows Phone 7

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So how many times you wanted to connect or sync the bluetooth on your Windows Phone 7 and couldn’t do that just because of some complex settings? So, not anymore from now as we will see on how you can easily sync or connect the Bluetooth on your Windows Phone 7 with other devices be it Android, Blackberry or call ...

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How to Turn Off Navigation Pane in Windows Explorer View

Navigation Pane

Navigation Pane in the Windows Operating system PC allows you to quickly navigate from one section to another in your PC. An advanced user can easily understand it but a lot of users are searching for the ways to customize its appearances or tips to turn it off. Here is the simple procedure by which you can turn off navigation ...

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How to Enable or Disable WiFi on Windows Phone 7 Devices

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There are many Windows Phone 7 handsets which comes along with the Wi Fi feature which allows you to experience the faster Internet speed as compared to the typical EDGE networks which most of the Mobile network service providers give. Nowadays, it has been a common thing to have a Wi Fi network at home and also in offices, so ...

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How to Create a New User Account in Windows 7

User in Windows 7

Did you know that you can create multiple users in your Windows 7 PC too. The advantage of having the separate user account on your family shared PC is that everyone has their account and they can only access their own personalised desktop, files and opened programs. This means that your important documents can’t be read by other users and ...

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Tweak Windows in Seconds with Ultimate Windows Tweaker

ultimate windows tweaker

Windows is the most used operating system in this world, with billions of users with different requirements, everybody wants to tweak their PC according to their preferences. And for Microsoft, it is almost impossible to satisfy each and every Windows user according to their needs. That is why people always blames Windows, that it runs slow, acts crazy but the ...

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How to Switch ON Airplane Mode on Windows Phone 7

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There are many users who have recently bought Windows Phone 7 might just want to know on how you can easily Switch on the Airplane Mode on your WP7. The airplane mode is very useful when you don’t want to attend calls as well as sms and is generally useful when you are traveling in an airplane where the mobiles ...

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How to Change Wallpapers in Windows Phone 7

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People say visual experience is the best experience and after purchasing a brilliant phone which is none other than a Windows Phone 7, you would surely like to know on how you can change the wallpapers on your Windows Phone 7. So, this article will basically help the users to change the wallpapers on their Windows Phone 7 with a ...

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