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Add New Folder to Windows Taskbar via Toolbars

Windows Toolbar

If you have one folder that you constantly retrieve it then it would be annoying for you to go deep into drives for a particular file to save. If it’s one time work we can do it but if you are doing it more often then it’s better to place a shortcut icon on the desktop. Preferably another good thing ...

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Hide or Remove Shutdown Options in Windows Start Menu

Add Remove Shutdown Button

How often you didn’t need Shutdown button in your PC? I think the answer would be no time, ie., I always need that options as always whenever a critical software is installed it need a Restart to the PC. So here is one optional trick which can be performed on your registry. You can remove shutdown button from your computer ...

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Shuffle or Set Slideshow for Windows Desktop Backgrounds

Shuffle Desktop Backgrounds

Windows 7 has many features included when compared to its previous versions. Windows 7 has the very good option of customizable slideshow displaying as your desktop background. Procedure to Shuffle Windows 7 Desktop Backgrounds To shuffle your background you need to do the following steps – Right click on the desktop and select Personalize. Now click on Desktop Background. Now ...

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How to Pin Websites on Windows 7 Phone Browser

Windows Phone 7 Logo

So, how many of the users have used Windows 7 operating system in their computers? So, quite a few of them, so you might be well versed with the Pinning of websites on your Windows 7 operating system but do you know that you can do the same on your Windows Phone 7? Yes, you have heard it right, you ...

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How to Setup Email Account on Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 Logo

With the arrival of Windows Phone 7, many of the users might have upgraded their phones from their earlier Symbian, Blackberry or even from Android phones. So, for all those who are new to this, let’s check out on how you can setup an email account on your Windows Phone 7. Though there are many ways and many email addresses ...

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How to Active Windows 7 Hidden Regional Themes

hidden themes

Windows 7 is an operating system which is released to the worldwide and there are a lot of things to be explored in Windows 7 OS. I am not sure whether you know or not, Windows 7 has regional wallpapers and themes which are hidden to all the users. So in this tutorial you will get access to those theme ...

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How to Install a TTF Font on Windows 7 Computer

Install fonts

There are a lot many free fonts available for downloads. In this present guide you will learn on how to install a font in Windows 7 PC. The first thing to make sure that you should download Windows 7 fonts. You can find fonts at ready for download. So select one which you want to use it on your ...

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Set Multiple Clocks on Windows System Tray Area

Windows 7 Clock Settings

If you have a family located in two different countries or you have your partner working at some other country and if you are too lazy to calculate what’s the time in Washington, United States, this guide is for you to setup two clocks on your PC. The one clock will show your local time and other clock will show ...

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Add My Computer icon to Windows 7 Taskbar

Computer icon through Taskbar

Taskbar in Windows 7 is meant to provide the quickest possible way to access the particular task. Often I place most used icon on the taskbar of my work PC. So when I am into work I like myself to be quick on accessing to the folders. So I thought it’s better to place my Computer icon on taskbar and ...

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How to Set Default Location to Locate Sensor on Windows 7

Default Locations in Windows 7

Windows 7 has lot of development in many fields than Windows Vista or Windows XP. There are lot many features in Windows 7 which can help you. In Windows 7 you can use default location to provide information about your computer’s geographic location. It’s quite helpful when you have a laptop with location sensor such as GPS receiver. Setting Your ...

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