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Tutorial to Delete Maps History on Windows Phone

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We all love Maps as its very useful whenever we miss out the directions and also to find the places we readily make use of the maps. With the arrival of Windows Phone 7, the overall Maps experience has now been taken to a whole new level, but have you faced any crashes on your Windows Phone 7 Maps application ...

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Steps to Record Voice & Podcast on Windows Phone

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How many times you wanted to record voices on your Windows Phone 7 and couldn’t do it? So, in the due course of this article let’s see o how you can easily record the voice on your Windows Phone 7. The recording of voice sometimes process to be very useful and also more convenient when you are in lectures or ...

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How to Bookmark or Star Sites on IE Windows Phone

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For all those who have recently bought Windows Phone 7, congratulations to all on owning one of the great smart phones and in this article we will now see on how you can easily book mark or even star the Sites on the internet Explorer right from your Windows Phone 7. Since many of the users might have migrated or ...

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NTT Docomo Launches Windows 7 F-07C Handset in Japan

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Ntt Docomo, one of the Japan’s premier telecom operator has now come into the handset bandwagon very strongly by launching the Fujitsu F – 07C smart phone which if you are mistaken by a normal smart phone then think twice as this smart phone dual boots the two operating systems. The two operating systems which are booting in this are ...

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Nokia Windows Phone Mobiles arriving soon again

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Some say that Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 may arrive in the month of December for Christmas but we have an exclusive information wherein we have got inputs from our close sources that the Nokia’s Windows Phone will be unveiled in the month of November itself and as per the information we got, this phone will be unveiled in only 6 ...

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Nokia Pure Font to be part of Nokia Windows Phones

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While the countdown begins for the release of the Nokia’s Windows Phone 7, we are here to talk about all the latest when it comes to the Windows Phone 7 as we will be covering the whole showdown of the Windows Phone 7 at Windows Total. So, in a similar move last time we saw or heard about an all ...

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How to SIM Unlock SAMSUNG Omnia W for FREE – Tutorial


SAMSUNG Omnia W smartphone is a Windows Phone and if you are on a Sim Locked device then its good enough reason for you to get irritated and in the due course of this tutorial we will be checking out on how you can SIM unlock the Omnia W device. Disclaimer: Follow all the instructions mentioned in this article so ...

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How to use Windows XP mode in Windows 7 virtually

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Have you ever wanted to use Windows XP operating system on your Windows 7 operating system, no I’m not talking of by dual operating system boot procedure but with virtual PC based environment. XP Mode is basically a virtual based environment which can be installed and operated on a compatible Windows 7 Starter, Home, Professional, Enterprise or even Ultimate operating ...

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How to get rid of desktop.ini files

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Problem: Many of us still use Windows XP operating system and more often sometimes you might have noted that a file named desktop.ini is almost there on your computer. You might encounter with a question now, Yes! What is this, and how can I get rid of this file and is it an important file like if I delete this ...

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