Best 25 Apps for Windows Phone 8 Devices

Windows Phone 8 is the latest and the hottest operating system for mobiles these days. It is one of the simplest too, but everything can be beautified and made better with the availability of numerous apps that help in improving the interface. We have collected a list of the best 25 apps for the Windows Phone 8 phones, which range into different categories and overall give a better level to the show off and use the phones. Here goes the list –

News Apps for Windows Phone 8

ap windows Phone 8 logoAP Mobile
The AP Mobile application in the Windows Phone 8 devices brings in the breaking stories, exclusive photos and videos of any news and all this through 1200 trusted sources of AP. You can even read local news stories by turning the GPS on, and the app determines the location and pulls the news. There are options to share the news on twitter and facebook but that would not happen within the app, and you would be redirected to a browser to share the content. This app is available for free in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

ap mobile win 7 screenshot ap windows Phone 8 screen

bbc news mobile logoBBC News Mobile
This BBC News mobile app brings the news from all round the world, pulling from the main BBC website. You can select your favorite news topics and read the news within the application. This is not an official BBC app, but works perfect. You can even share the news through SMS or email. This app is available for free in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

bbc news win 7 screenshot bbc news win 7 screenshot

Streaming Apps for Windows Phone 8

netflix windows Phone 8 logoNetflix
Netflix is one popular streaming service, which comes into Windows Phone with the support for streaming, Instant Que management, and playback sync. You can resume the streaming later if you choose to pause now. The video streaming can be done using either the 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity. This app too is available for free in the marketplace.

netflix screenshot netflix screenshot windows 7

slacker radio logoSlacker Radio
This is an online radio service app that helps you connect to any of the 130 stations that are available already, or you can create your own radio stations there. You can search for various artists and also call find their biographies, reviews of their albums etc. The only problem with the app is that the music would stop if you try to switch to other app, so the background and multitasking support is not there.

slacker radio windows Phone 8 slacker radio win Phone 8

youtube logoYoutube
This is the official youtube application for the Windows Phone 8 devices. The Youtube app for Windows Phone lets you view the videos that are embedded in the emails, MMS and even in the social networking sites like Facebook etc. The app also integrates into the music and videos hub. The app is not that functional like the Youtube for iOS.

youtube windows Phone 8

last fm
The very much known Music recommendation and live streaming app, arrives the Windows Phone 8 platform. It not just streams music, but also keeps a log of the music you listen to. It then collects and suggests you the related music that you might like listening to. This app is available for free in the Windows phone marketplace.

last fm windows Phone 8 last fm win Phone 8 app

Location based Apps for Windows Phone 8

poynt windows Phone 8 logoPoynt
This is a location based app, which lets you find the best local businesses, restaurants, movies, and the weather update of the locations. Using the GPS connection of your phone, and provides you with the phone numbers, website addresses and the map directions of the locations of the favorite landmarks in and around the area you are located. The app also helps you book any movie tickets, and make any registrations in dining restaurants. The app works only for the US and Canada customers. This app is available for free in the marketplace.

poynt windows Phone 8 screenshot poynt win Phone 8

weatherbug win Phone 8 logoWeatherbug
This app lets you know the local weather conditions, the doppler radar, weather forecast, and one of the best from them is the live weather cameras. This app can be used as a live widget on the homepage to show the live weather conditions and updates in the local area around you.

weatherbug windows Phone 8

yelp windows Phone 8 logoYelp
Yelp is a location based app that works just like Poynt, by reviewing and letting you know the local landmarks like restaurants, shops, bars in the Windows Phone. One of the disadvantages with the app is that it doesn’t get integrated with the Yelp account on Desktop, so you can’t use the bookmarked places on the phone.

yelp windows Phone 8 app yelp win Phone 8

travelocity logoTravelocity
Travelocity is an online travel service. Using this app, you can check the flight and hotel details and availability on your Windows Phone 8 device. Information that can be found is the flight status, the airline schedule and the Airport delay information. And using the GPS on your phone, it pulls the information about the local hotels and make the reservation from your handset.

travelocity windows Phone 8 app travelocity win Phone 8

foursquare logoFoursquare
This is one of the most popular location based social apps, that lets you check into various places and get batches and levels for you at every location. You can follow friends, and check which places are being most frequently visited by them. You can share the location, unlock rewards after multiple check-ins.

foursquare windows Phone 8 foursquare win Phone 8

fandango logoFandango
This is a movie and ticketing app that helps you find local movies, and secure the tickets directly from your handset. The movie listings can be browsed automatically, and the movies are listed based on GPS. The app gives information about any upcoming movies, reviews, news and trailers of any movies before you select to book one.

fandango windows Phone 8 fandango win Phone 8

Entertainment and shopping Apps for Windows Phone 8

shazam windows Phone 8 logoShazam
Shazam is a music identification app, and it helps you identify music anywhere, even that one which is being played in the radio or any music player. You just need to open the app and it will do the work for you. Once the song is identified, you can buy it from the Zune marketplace and Shazam will link the song after identifying. This is a free app available in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

shazam windows Phone 8 app shazam win Phone 8

flixster windows Phone 8 logoFlixster
This is another movie review and listings app like Fandango, which would let you read the reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, watch the trailers of the movies and if you like the movie, you can even book the tickets for the movie through

flixster windows Phone 8 app flixster win Phone 8

musixmatch logomusiXmatch Lyrics
This app is useful for those who wants to know the lyrics of a song they are listening to. The app integrates with the Zune and it would match the lyrics with the music that is being played in the phone. When the app is launched without any music running, it would just list the lyrics of the best songs in the country. This app is available for free in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

imdb logoIMDb
This is a complete movie application, with actor, movie, television information. It not just lets you know about the movies, shows and the actors, but also lists the showtimes of the movies, and you can even browse the TV listings in the US. This is one of the best apps for any movie information. It is an app freely available in the marketplace.

imdb windows Phone 8 app imdb win Phone 8

ebay mobile logoeBay Mobile
This app not just lets you search for products on the shopping portal, but you can even buy and sell stuff directly from your mobile. Buyers can search, bid for products and also check their activity. Sellers can check the sale listings, and even reply to the messages.

ebay mobile app ebay mobile windows Phone 8

Social Networking and Chat Apps for Windows Phone 8

twitter windows Phone 8 logoTwitter
This is the official Twitter app for Windows Phone 8 OS. It provides the timeline, the search, top tweets section, trending topics but it isn’t that functional as the Facebook app is. The twitter app can not be used as a live tile. And the app closes and does not run in the background when you are trying to use anything else. The tweets are pulled in once you open the app.

twitter windows 7 screenshot

govoice win Phone 8 logoGoVoice
This is an unofficial Google Voice application built by a 3rd party, and it displays the Google voice inbox, call history and the voicemails that are transcribed. There are no notifications when you close the app and switch to any other. This app is available for $2.99 in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

govoice windows Phone 8 app govoice win 7

loopt win Phone 8 logoLoopt
Loopt is something quite similar to Foursquare and which helps in connecting people by letting them share their locations and status with friends. Using this app, the photos and updates of your friends can be viewed on a map. This app supports Live Tiles, so that it would notify you whenever your friend shares or comments.

loopt windows Phone 8 loopt win Phone 8

seesmic logoSeesmic
This is a tool that would help you manage and login into multiple twitter and facebook accounts. This app lists your twitter accounts, searches and the lists of twitter. When you are uploading a photo, you can choose which photo sharing service to use, and then you can upload to multiple sites and accounts. This app is available for free in the marketplace.

seesmic windows Phone 8 seesmic twitter win Phone 8

Productivity Apps for Windows Phone 8

photobucket logoPhotoBucket
Using the Photobucket app, you can upload photos and videos into your photobucket account. You can even use the Find Stuff section, and then download the content and pictures to use them as wallpapers in your device.

photobucket windows Phone 8 app photobucket win phone

adobe reader logoAdobe Reader
The Adobe reader helps you download and read the PDF files right on your Windows Phone 8 device. The PDFs which come in email attachments and even those which come as direct web links, can be viewed. There is support for multi-touch gestures. Support for Accelerometer also helps you orient the view. One main issue with the Adobe reader is that you can’t jump to any page directly.

adobe reader windows Phone 8 app adobe reader win 7

u verse mobile logoU-Verse Mobile
This app is available only for those Windows Phone 8 users, who got their handsets through AT&T. You can download the content to your phone even if you are not registered with U-Verse mobile. The app is available for free trial for 30 days, and then would be costing $9.99.

realtor Real Estate Search
This app helps in searching the real estates and you get an access to around 4 million real estate listings, and it would list the local real estates based on your location. You get the pricing information, the details of the property, photos for the real estate listing, and much more to make you decide whether to contact for that land. This app is available for free in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

realtor real estate app windows phone realtor windows Phone 8 app

If you find any more good apps for Windows Phone 8 platform, do share with us in the comments section!

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