Best Siri App Alternative for Windows Phone 7 – Ask Ziggy

Until now we have seen Siri for iPhone users and similar ones for Android. But what about the users of Windows Phone 7? Well! we have got a quick response from the Windows developers and the result is ‘Ask Ziggy’ app, a completely free app which is available in the market place for Windows Phone 7 users. This app is just similar to iPhone’s Siri and works effectively.

Whatever you want, just open the ‘Ask Ziggy’ app and speak out what you are looking for. It uses internet connection to fetch data and provides you the most accurate answers. It may be finding a weather forecast or a solving a complex mathematics puzzle, calling a contact or posting a message in social networking sites, just do it simple by tapping the icon of ‘Ask Ziggy’ app.

How to use ‘Ask Ziggy’ App:

  • Well! let’s begin with the interface, this app has got a beautiful and simple interface.
  • To start with, open the app and tap on the query button to start speaking.
  • Once you finish with the speaking, tap the “Stop” button and wait for few seconds.

ask ziggy

  • Now, ‘Ask Ziggy’ will crack your query (sometimes using the internet service) and displays accurate results in front of you.

ask ziggy

That’s it; very simple to use and the best thing about this app is, it has many more features to access like Email your contacts, Stock Values, Flight Statuses, changing the voices from male to female etc. So, what are you waiting for? Visit market place of windows phone an get it now on your mobiles.

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