Windows 7

How to Smartly Update your Windows 7?

windows 7 update logo

Windows Update, be it security patches or prevention from latest threats windows update has it all, so have you ever though how to activate this windows update option if your system doesn’t receive any sort of updates. These updates sometimes are critical as Microsoft further tries to fine tune your PC or laptop for a better performance. It’s not necessary ...

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How to add “RUN” command to Start Menu is Windows 7

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“RUN” option in computing is really a very important tool, why i’m telling this because if you have recently upgraded to Windows 7 operating system from your older version of Windows XP or if you are a Windows 7 operating system user from quite a while then you must have found that “RUN” command option is missing in the start ...

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How to Disable Aero Interface on Windows 7 & Vista

Windows Vista

All those who are not satisfied with the Windows Aero GUI (In fact which needs high capacity video card for high performance) on Windows 7 can disable it simply and can have the basic themes. The process is quite simple and is different for Windows 7 and Vista. How to disable Aero on Windows Vista: Step 1: Right click on ...

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Troubleshoot Common Aero Desktop Experience Errors in Windows 7

Microsoft blessed Windows 7 with Aero Desktop Experience UI, which makes it look cooler and more elegant. Though Aero Desktop mainly runs fine on modern computer hardware but it also works well with middle level hardware also. Aero Desktop Experience includes effects such as transparency, Aero Peek, Aero Snap and Aero Shake. It gives Windows 7 – the cooler look. ...

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What is Audiodg.exe & How to Fix High CPU Usage Error

Windows 7 Sound

When you run the program PlaySound to play the music, your PC slows down because of the memory leak which occurs in the Audiodg.exe process. This memory leak consumes several hundreds of bytes every time that they PlaySound function is called for the use. This phenomenon was first observed in Windows Vista and then later carried on to Windows 7 ...

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How to Shrink and Extend Disk Partition in Windows 7 or Vista

Here I come again with an useful tutorial on how to extend a disk partition in Windows 7 or Vista using the disk management snap-in available in Computer Management tools. It often happens with us, We create a 30-40 GB partition for primary OS and later on when we install lots of software, the space crisis begins, partition gets full ...

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How to Turn OFF Windows Updates Notifications

Windows Update

Be it Windows XP or Windows 7 or take any Windows versions you would be having updates ready for your present versions from time to time. Even though you have genuine license, you would be require to install those updates one by one. For all the updates the restart is compulsory and I get annoyed when I see those updates ...

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How to Uninstall Internet Explorer in Windows 7

Windows IE Uninstall

With many users preferring to go with Firefox and Google Chrome than going with Internet Explorer, drastically there has been a decline in users who use Internet Explorer. What is Microsoft thinking of it now? With the latest release of Windows 7, you can uninstall Internet Explorer and this could be much relief to many of them. With the new ...

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How to Setup Parental Control in Windows 7 to Restrict Users

Understanding Parental Controls Changes

As a parent there is reason to install Windows 7 on your PC. Windows 7 operating system is very kind to parents by preventing their children from accessing certain programs, games and complete PC access. Though your search at Google would be leading to paid software’s and free software but I am sure there is no requirement of such software ...

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Creating a System Restore Point in Windows 7


The Restore Point in Windows operating system helps you to make a restore point at a time. During crash of windows you can call that last created restore point and save your PC during failures. Here is the procedure on how you will setup the Restore Point in Windows 7 operating system- Click Start button and type create restore then ...

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