Windows 7

Add My Computer icon to Windows 7 Taskbar

Computer icon through Taskbar

Taskbar in Windows 7 is meant to provide the quickest possible way to access the particular task. Often I place most used icon on the taskbar of my work PC. So when I am into work I like myself to be quick on accessing to the folders. So I thought it’s better to place my Computer icon on taskbar and ...

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How to Set Default Location to Locate Sensor on Windows 7

Default Locations in Windows 7

Windows 7 has lot of development in many fields than Windows Vista or Windows XP. There are lot many features in Windows 7 which can help you. In Windows 7 you can use default location to provide information about your computer’s geographic location. It’s quite helpful when you have a laptop with location sensor such as GPS receiver. Setting Your ...

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Get Sound Alerts when Pressing Caps/Num/Scroll Lock Buttons

It may happen that you have accidentally type little text in small letters which you wanted actually in CAPS or vice versa. Generally I see the wrong thing mistake when I have completed the sentence in other case. Present in the guide we have tutorial on how to turn toggle keys on as when the Caps, Scroll and Num Lock ...

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How to Increase Screen Font Size on Windows 7

Not everyone has the perfect eye sight and keeping this in mind, I think the Operating System were developed to allow users to increase font size, screen size and resolution. Sometimes it’s hard to read the small text for some users and in such cases you can increase the size of screen fonts to make the text easily readable. Increasing ...

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How to Set AutoPlay Defaults on Windows 7

Windows 7 AutoPlay

If you have frequent work with memory card, CD/DVD, pen drive and other drives then you might be plug-in or plug-out your devices many times. So if you are on among those people who insert/remove pen drives and CDs then AutoPlay would be a better option for your and could save your time. In general AutoPlay for Windows OS defines ...

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Launch Windows XP Mode in Full Screen in Windows 7

windows xp in windows 7 logo

For all those who wanted to launch the Windows XP mode in the full screen in the Windows 7 we will let you know on how you can easily launch the same. There are many users who have come from the Windows XP operating system to the latest Windows 7 operating system and may find it difficult to adapt to ...

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How to prevent Guest account from viewing event logs

One last but important security concern for Guest users is Event Logs, you would not want your Guest user to have access to your Event Logs information Steps to make Event Logs inaccessible to Guest User: Go to Start Menu and type “regedit” in the search box which will lead to the regedit.exe link in the search results. After clicking ...

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How to prevent Guest user from Shutting down your computer

You might be thinking is this of so much importance to know and waste your time reading this post, let me tell you why preventing a Guest user from shutting down and starting your computer is useful. A Guest User or anyone with Local access could gain unauthorized access to your computer and your important files and folders by shutting ...

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How to prevent Guest Account from being accessed from other computers

Guest accounts should not  be open to be accessed by users through other computers which will result in loss of your privacy, personal information and your important documents and files can be easily accessed from other computers and manipulated. So to prevent all these from happening we have to Secure our account by implementing some Security policies. By following these ...

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How to create a Secure windows 7 Guest Account

If your using a windows PC  and if it is the only one in your house which is used by many people for example your children who might be playing games and suddenly get hold of your important Office Documents which you have to present the next day and by mistake delete them, all your hard work  will be wasted, ...

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