Windows 8

Top Windows 8 OS Supported Games

The gaming experience is just getting better in Windows 8. You can enjoy all your PC games, Xbox Live games and Mobile OS games right all at one place.  Windows 8 metro will be the house of all popular mobile game titles soon and with Xbox Live integration, you can enjoy all your Xbox titles on your Windows 8 device ...

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How to Easily Reset your Windows 8 PC


We are in a great technological World where a lot of enhancements takes place day-to-day by various manufacturers to be in competition with others. Until now, we have seen an option of ‘Factory Reset’ in the smart phones and today ‘Microsoft’ made that option available on their Windows 8 PC. Isn’t it quite new? Of course Yes!, and everyone will ...

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How to Install Windows 8 from Bootable USB Flash Drive – Tutorial

Cmd Run as Administrator

Finally the Windows 8 Operating System is available for download by the Microsoft Developer Team following which you can easily install the dev version on your computer for free. To get started you need to download the right version from based on the system type from 32-bit to 64-bit. Next you need to get a ISB Flash Drive with ...

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