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Best Siri App Alternative for Windows Phone 7 – Ask Ziggy

ask ziggy

Until now we have seen Siri for iPhone users and similar ones for Android. But what about the users of Windows Phone 7? Well! we have got a quick response from the Windows developers and the result is ‘Ask Ziggy’ app, a completely free app which is available in the market place for Windows Phone 7 users. This app is ...

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Download Bazaar XAP – Alternative Apps Marketplace for WP7


Bazaar is an alternative market place in Windows phone 7 platform wherein you can download apps and tweaks. But, the fact about the Bazaar is, it is not an official market place and the apps which are available in Bazaar were rejected by the Microsoft’s approval team. Even then, we can install this Bazaar on the Windows Phone 7 by ...

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Best 25 Apps for Windows Phone 8 Devices

Windows Phone 8 is the latest and the hottest operating system for mobiles these days. It is one of the simplest too, but everything can be beautified and made better with the availability of numerous apps that help in improving the interface. We have collected a list of the best 25 apps for the Windows Phone 8 phones, which range ...

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Best Rss Feed Reader App for Windows Phone 7

If you are the one who has been looking for a simple as well as the powerful RSS reader application feed app for your Windows Phone 7 then you no longer have to worry about this one as we will tell you on what is the best app for the RSS feeder. The app which we will be looking out ...

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How to Print wirelessly from Windows Phone with RoboPrint

Printing is one of the common stuff that the technical individuals would regularly do, but the printing is usually possible through computers and printers connected to them. There has always been a difficulty in printing stuff directly from any mobile devices. But for the Windows Phone 7 users, there is an app that would help in printing the content that ...

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