Windows XP

Perform Clean up & Make PC Faster in Windows XP

Windows XP is among the most popular version of the Windows ever released and there are many customers who still prefer to be with Windows XP although we have several advanced releases like Windows Vista & Windows 7. Certain times your Windows XP system can be slowed in both performance and working, so that it can take much time to ...

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How to Use Hibernate in Windows XP

One of the reason by which people liked Windows XP is that it can quickly turn off your PC with your data being restored so that next time when you reload your PC the same content is invoked. This process is called Hibernation. Hibernation is the feature of operating system where content of the RAM are written to hard disk ...

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How to Use On Screen Keyboard in Windows XP

On Screen Keyboard is a software component that allows computer users to enter characters. On Screen Keyboard is also known by other name “Virtual Keyboards”. One a computer the purpose of On Screen Keyboard is to provide an alternate solution for users who are physically handicapped. Now then many banks login portal like ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank ask for Virtual ...

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