How to Change Sounds and Ringtones on Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 LogoFor all those who have recently purchased the latest Windows Phone 7, you might be new to the interface. So most of the users might want to know on how you can easily change the sounds as well as ringtones on your Windows Phone 7. Many of the users might have shifted from other phones like Nokia or even say Android phones, so for them its bit of a tedious task but all thanks to the simple crisp interface of Windows Phone 7 which makes everything simple.

Procedure to Change Sounds and Ringtones in Windows Phone 7:

  • From your home screen of your Windows Phone 7, you will have to just swipe the glass to the left so as to enter into the list of options which you can see in the below video. From the list of available options, you will have to tap on the “Settings” option to enter into the same.
  • Now, as soon as you tap on the “Settings” option, you will see many options ranging from “ringtones and sounds”, theme, airplane mode, Wi Fi and also bluetooth etc. But from this list you just need to choose “ringtones and sounds”. Now, as soon as you tap on the same you will see a whole new list of options.
  • From the given list of options, you can see that there will be the radio button of “Ringer” as well as “Vibrate” option. Along with these two you will also find the option of selecting the Ringtone along with the “New text message” notification alert and also you can choose a new alert ringtone for “”New voice mail as well as “New email”.
  • Along with the above shown notification alerts, you can also set sounds for “Appointment Reminders”, “Key Press”, “Lock and Unlock” and also the “Other notifications” too can be added in the list of setting ringtones.

So, in this way you can easily change Sounds and Ringtones in your Windows Phone 7 by following the above procedure. Do let us know if you face any issues while setting up the ringtones for your Windows Phone 7 in the comments section below.

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  1. Hi,

    But you still can’t change the reminder alert can you? You can’t change the ringtone that plays during a reminder can you? Neither can you choose to change the reminder alert to a repeating alert (like a ringtone) instead of a simple one time ring as is the default option.

    Any fixes for the above problem?

  2. Its nice to change these so easily. The one thing I do not like about it is that you can not use custom tones for text notifications. Well at least as far as I know for now.

  3. still looks like we’re stuck with the incredibly shit pile of alert sounds. Really pisses me off. choose between crap or turd?? well done microtoss!!

  4. I am ok on changing the ringtone but cant add a new text tone to the list that came with the phone. It seems that your stuck with the factory tones for text messaging. Does anyone know of a way to add new tones to the text messaging only area?

  5. Does anybody know when the heck we are going to be able to get custom alerts for text sounds? Seriously, this is now the only drawback I have withe the HTC Trophy. As far as I know, nobody on any any service or Windows phone can do this… How long does it take to develop a program to do this? Microsoft fixed the ringtone issue, TG, but seriously? I get more text than anything, and I know I’m not the only one. How much longer do the masses have to wait?

    Oh and getting on board with the LTE for Verizon would be nice. I feel like a Dinosaur with my 3G:-P
    Manny V

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