Change Windows XP looks to Windows Vista easily

windows xp logoIf you are on Windows XP then you might have definitely bored of looking at the same theme or style every day. So let’s proceed for a change in which your Windows XP will look like as if it’s a Windows Vista operating system and not the Windows XP, at least with looks no one will be able to make out whether it’s an Windows XP or Windows Vista. You can convert this very easily using MS Styles, there’s no need to even download any shell packs or even separate software which will ensure that your PC will not be loaded with all useless applications. For changing the XP theme you will have to patch up the uxtheme.dll. There are many MS Styles themes which are very great and look like Vista or Longhorn.

In many cases you can also use the shell packs and the Window blind themes but this can mess up the computer very badly.

Changing the Wallpaper

You can easily get lots of Vista wall papers in the website. Just all you need to Google the terms Vista wallpapers download and there you go you will get a list of websites which have Vista wallpapers, select any of those and download and store one of them.

Getting the Fox

Other great way to make an impression that you are using Internet Explorer 7, the same way on Vista to get the firefox and then use any of the designed themes and then you can change the theme. If you are not having the Firefox, then make sure that you get the same along the Google tool bar which will keep the track of email as well as can also search the web. Once the firefox is installed, you can go to the customization in the Mozilla firefox and can change the theme of Firefox to Vista aero or even can choose my Firefox which are almost Windows Vista look like Windows Vista.

Changing the cursor
you can also download many aero cursor packs which can easily be downloaded from most of the websites, just Google it you will get a huge list of websites who offer Windows Vista aero cursor packs. After installing the cursor packs, you can change the mouse pointer to the 3D-White as it looks like the original cursor in Vista.

Getting Vista style applications
Now once you are done with wallpapers and the cursors and the aero pack. And you like some transparency on your computer get these two very cool tools which are Vista Explorer which works on Windows XP easily. You can also use the Internet Explorer 8 to make your XP look like a more transparent styled. The two tools which are Vista explorer for Windows XP and also the Windows Explorer 8 can be easily downloaded from internet. Also, you can alternatively use the Alt-Tab Replacement Power Toy! Which shows you that the windows you are switching to, which gives the feel and looks of Windows Vista.

Fine tuning

Next up is you will have to Fine tune the font settings to further give a look and feel of Windows Vista. Go to the font settings and turn on the Clear Type fonts with the ClearType Tuner Power Toy. Since the real Windows Vista uses the font ‘Segoe UI’ which is a clear type font, you can mimic the real fonts by using Clear Type of this exact font. If you have some theme packages which come with Segoe UI by default then don’t forget to enable the same.

Shell Packs

If you really wanted to go for Shell Packs then the popular ones are Vista Customization packs, the Brico pack and also the Windows X Longhorn transformation packs by Windows X. Also, note that Shell packs don’t transform or customize your computer to look like the latest Vista or even the Longhorn, so your computer may not look like Vista.

The Vista Sidebar
You can also download the Windows Vista sidebar for your Windows XP, and when you are done with installing the same, you can almost now claim that you are now on Vista and not on Windows XP, at least the transformation which you have done till now by following the points above no one will be able to catch the same that you are on Windows XP.

Now, just take a look at these screen shots shown below on how your computer will look like once you are done with all above mentioned changes or implementation. If I didn’t put that System Properties window up there then I’m sure I could have fooled you too!


Windows Xp to Windows Vista

As you can see in the above snapshot that how by following the above steps i have transformed my Windows XP look like Windows Vista. You can also download many exciting wall papers from different sites and also in the same way you can also turn your PC look like Windows 7 but only customization you can do is to set the Windows 7 wallpapers.  For different native icons for your Windows XP to turn the same into the Windows Vista then you need to download the very famous theme called YAFVC theme ( first install modified explorer.exe > right click on the desktop > properties > click on desktop tab > then customize desktop > change icon > type in ‘C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe’ > select the required icon > OK). That’s it you are now on Windows Vista, oops i mean you have successfully transformed your Windows XP to Windows Vista.

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