How to clear cache/cookies of a particular website in Internet Explorer 9?

clear cache and clear cookiesHave you ever come across my wise doubt or problem that “can we ever delete browser cache or cookies selectively for a particular web site” rather than going for full deletion / clearing of cache as well as cookies in the latest release of Internet Explorer 9?

Generally, you don’t have an option to clear the cookies and cache of a particular web domain but you can very well empty the entire cookie folder or you can choose from the deletion of expired cookies only, but in the latest version of Internet explorer 9 there is an option wherein you can delete cookies selectively for a particular website of your choice, similarly you can also delete web browser cache of the particular website.

By Following the simple procedure given below, you can clear cookies and also can clear the cache of individual web site:

1. Firstly, open “Internet Explorer 9” and then enter the domain name in the url space on top of the screen and press enter of whom you wish to delete the cache or cookies.

windows explorer image
2. Now, after opening the web page, press F12 button from your keyboard after which you will find that a new window is generated which is known as “developer tools”.

developer tools

3. Now, go to “developer tools” click on “cache tab” and from the “options”, click on “clear cookies for domain” option. Now, you have cleared the cookies successfully.

CLEAR COOKIE FOR DOMAIN IMAGE 4. Now, for clearing the “browser cache” of a particular web domain, select “clear browser cache for this domain” option. For more simplicity, you can also use the shortcut key by making use of the hot keys “Ctrl + D” keys from the keyboard to do the same.


So, by following just 4 simple steps, you have now learnt how to clear cookies and clear cache as well individually of a particular web domain.

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