How to Create or Restore backup of System Registry files

Regbak LogoWindows Registry is the heart of your Operating system as it is loaded with all important components which include settings and configurations of your computer. Windows registry enables all devices which are installed with all programs, icons, ports and also graphical user interface (GUI) to run properly, without windows registry system will not run properly.

The “REGBAK” is a tool which creates a backup and restores the windows registry files which can be restored if any virus or threat infects the windows registry files or even if some files get corrupt. The regbak tool is a very simple to use software tool with a simple user interface with which you can create a backup not more than just 15 seconds. So, preventing your computer from registry threats will take just less than 15 seconds by taking a backup of all your registry files. With a small procedure given below you can create a backup easily and which can be restored whenever you want.

Procedure to create backup of registry files:

download regbak

extract to desktop

  • Now, go to desktop and click on “regbak” icon which will symbolize the lock to open.

select a file to save registry

  • Now select the path where you need to save the registry back up files and then click on “next”.

start registry back up

  • As soon as you click on “next”, now you will be notified that all registry files will be saved to the selected location where you chose to store. Now, click on start to create a back up of registry files.

registry back up completed

  • Now, you will be notified that the registry back up of the registry files have been successfully accomplished and are saved to the location which you selected to have a back up of all registry files. Now, click on  “Cancel” to finish the operation of taking back up.

Procedure to restore the registry backup:

Now, when you have successfully backed up the registry files, its time now to also know that how you can restore the backed up registry files:

  • First you need to go to the location where you have stored the back up of registry files and open the file “REG RES”.

registry restore

  • Now, click on “Next” tab to proceed as you will have to again click on “start” tab in the next page to start restoring the backed up registry files.


  • After you click on start, the registry files will start restoring the registry files

registry restore complete

  • As soon as the restoring process gets finished you will be notified with the message as shown above asking you to restart the system as it has successfully finished in restoring the backed up registry files.

So in just 10 easy steps you have learnt on how to create a back up as well as how to restore the back up of registry files easily. Its always recommended to create a back up of all registry files which will help you in restoring the same when your system registry files get corrupted or if something goes wrong. It just happens sometimes that you haven’t backed up your files in this case you can use free registry cleaner and registry software which will do the trick in cleaning all your registry files from bugs.

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