Create Themes for Windows Phone 7 Devices with Homebrew App

Windows Phone have a beautiful screen interface and all its users love to add various themes to the background. The tiles add much more beauty to it, but by default, you are not allowed to apply the customized images on to each tile. So, you are restricted to enjoy only the default themes on the tiles. But don’t get disappointed, as we came with a tutorial using which you can easily create your own themes and can add it up to each tile on your Windows Phone. We are going to use HomeBrew tool to create themes in Windows Phone.

Requirements to create Themes for Windows Phone 7:

  • A developer unlocked Windows Phone is required in order to install this tool and create themes.
  • A PC with Windows Phone support tools installed.

Once you are done with the requirements, we can proceed further to see how to create the themes for Windows Phone.

How to create Themes:
Initially, download the tool which is required to create themes. As soon as you are done with downloading, extract the file and open the executable file in it. Once you open the executable file, you will get a window of “Themes for WP7”. This window helps you to change background themes and also allows you to replace icons of default apps, Homebrew apps and market place. Additionally, you can also import and export the themes.

How to change background themes:

  • Click on the background theme and then select the image of width 480 so that it can scale perfectly for 8 tiles.
  • Now, change the color (for Opacity effect) which is an optional feature by clicking the double arrowed button on the top right.
  • You can also manage the tiles by changing their positions using the buttons on the right.
  • Now, click on the “Render from Background” to see your own theme.

How to Replace icons of Default app:

  • Just, double click on the app on which you want to make the changes and then select the image.
  • After selecting the image, it will replace the icon of particular default app.

default app
How to Replace icons of HomeBrew apps:

  • Just click on “Add App” and select the XAP file you want to add.
  • Now, the name and GUID fields will fill up automatically, so select the image and click “Add” to add it in the theme.

How to Replace icons of MarketPlace:

  • Click “Add App” and select the language under MarketPlace option.
  • Search for the app which you want to include and then select it.
  • It will fill name and GUID details, so browse for image and click on “Add” button.

How to import/Export Themes

  • To enjoy the theme that are created by others, just click on “import” button and deploy it.
  • To share your themes with others, click “Export” and follow the instructions to proceed further.

How To Deploy Themes:
Once all the themes are ready, then you can directly deploy it to your phone by connecting it with PC. But, there is a small process to launch all these modified tools. First, you need to remove all the tiles from your mobile, to remove tiles just long-tap on it and then unpin it. Now, press deploy button and then “Theme” will launch automatically. Now, you can see all the modified tiles and just tap on each to add it to your home screen.

That’s it; this is the process for creating and using the themes on your Windows Phone. If you want to deploy the theme later, you can directly save the theme by clicking “Save XAP” in “Themes for WP7” window and then deploy it later.

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