Have you ever felt the need to switch places with your partner when she becomes bossy over you for things? If you just answered the question with a yes, let me tell you my friend – you are not alone. However, there are men out there who easily go with the flow without hurting the other’s emotions because they have always thought, that things are done in this manner. You need to pause and think about it now.


Well, let me tell you some myths that will broaden your mindset as well as throw light on your relationship status. The way you behave at a date and whether your You can thank me later, now go on and read them below.

Men pay the bill – all the time

 Oh yes! Just like a lie told often enough becomes the truth, the customary of boys paying the bill every time with their partners has become a ritual. However, there is no rulebook which states that guys are supposed to empty their pockets when dining, shopping or even hanging out with their partners. A woman should also show some courtesy by doing the same sometimes. You both can even split the bill. Or you can take turns by paying the bill every time you go out for food and movies.

Reaching casually late shows the importance

 Once in a blue moon getting late is still bearable, but coming late to your own date is every time is not a good practice. It is one of the things that can turn your date into a nightmare. Where ladies might take hours in getting ready, but they make sure they start early and reach on time, men have their own versions of stories as of why they got late. However, the tradition of coming to the venue is what men generally do. Sometimes I wonder what do they do that, they get late because I have never committed this crime. Make sure you don’t repeat this mistake because you might end up ruining your date.

Dates are casual and so should be the clothes

 The date is not casual occasions and wearing something that you wear every day is more like a sin you commit. Even if you don’t notice, your partner does it and would not like it at any cost (even if she doesn’t say it). Have you ever seen a girl wearing anything that she wears every day to a special evening with you? She would not even wear regular lingerie, so the outfits have got to be special. Hence, you also must be dressed properly if you want to make the moment special. From your men’s underwear (if you have plans after the date) to your attire, everything should be perfect.

Sex is not for the first date

 Well, this is a sensitive topic and also a personal choice where you get to decide whether you want to get laid with your date or not. There are chances that you know each other well and it is your first official date which makes you two come closer to each other. Even if you’ve met for the first time, have known the other for a few hours and want to stay up in bed all night, nobody would have a problem with that.


Live-in relationships are a better way to determine if the partner is right

 I have seen many couples who date and plan to stay together in order to figure out whether their relationship would work in the future or not. However, according to psychology and my personal experience, this is not true. Living alone as couples are way different than when you decide to get married and spend the rest of your life together. It is when the responsibilities start to pour in. It is not important that the same person would behave in the same way before as well as after the marriage. So, you need to think rationally before taking your dating companion to be your lawful partner.

So with these myths, you are now prepared to look at your relationship and the date nights in a different way. Just remember, they are not the words on the tablet and can be altered depending on the situations. Have a happy relationship!

Dating myths that can be hazardous for your outlook to love
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