How to Delete Images and Videos on Windows Phone 7

So, after loading your Windows Phone 7 with all the Videos as well as images and you run out of memory in your phone then the only way you can free up that memory is by deleting the Images as well as Videos which are there in your Windows Phone 7 though you can transfer the same to any other media but this is very useful to now as you can use this method just in case if you have no resources to transfer the same.

Procedure to Delete Images and Videos on Windows Phone 7:

  • From your Windows Phone 7 home screen, just tap on the “Pictures” tile which is a 2 x 2 icon. After that as soon as you tap on the same, you will see that you will get many options like all, date, favorites etc.
  • Just tap on the “all” option to view all the pictures which are stored in your Windows Phone 7 after which all the pictures which are there in your Phone will be opened.
  • As soon as the image is opened, just tap on the 3 dots which is located at the bottom right side part of the screen after which you will see the options like “add to favorites”, “delete”, “upload to sky drive”, share and use as wallpaper. From the list of options, just tap on the “DELETE” option to delete the option.
  • But before you could delete the picture, you will have to select option again which is “delete” to confirm the same.
  • Now, after this if you wish to delete the video which is captured then you will have to just preview the video and then you can go ahead to press the three dots which are present on the bottom right portion of the screen.
  • As soon as you tap on the settings, you just need to tap on the option called “delete” to delete the same from your Windows Phone 7.

So, in this way you can easily delete the images as well as the videos right from your Windows Phone 7.

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  1. I want to delete a mobile upload from my phone. How? Please help. There is no delete option under the 3 dots, just a “save to phone” option.

  2. just login to ur or skydrive or hotmail man… u have all options and folders there . u can right click and delete . . and it reflects….

    windows phone is cloud computing techno man………ok …

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