Disable Automatic Hyperlink to Text in MS Word

Microsoft Office are the the best and widely used documents for any purpose used by individuals and small offices for their purpose. The one famous alternative to Microsoft Office is Google Docs and its completely an online tool and you need internet connection for it. Ok, lets comeback to Microsoft Office Word and its big drop back. You can’t really call it as a drop back since it might be helpful for the content writers.

The feature of Microsoft word to automatically hyperlinks any web address typed is mostly not liked by many because if any one clicks on it, it opens the particular webpage in their default browser. So what if gentleman like me don’t need this feature! Is there a way to disable automatic hyperlinks in Word? Yes, you can turn off this feature. Lets get to know the procedure how would we do it.

There are two methods to do it, each has its own advantages and limitations

Method 1

If you want you can remove hyperlinking to a particular word in text by right click on the hyperlink text and click on click on ‘Remove Hyperlink’. However this is only suitable if your word documents is limited to very few pages since you can manually go to every hyperlink and repeat the process, but this is useful when you really want some text to be hyperlinked.

remove hyperlink in msword

Method 2

If you are looking to permanently disable the auto hyper linking of the web address then you follow this procedure.

For Microsoft Office Word 2007

1. There is Office button location on the top right side of the word document.
2. Now click on Word Options button
3. Look out for Auto Correct Options in left pane and click on it.
4. Click on Auto Format As You Type tab.
5. Under Replace as You Type, uncheck Internet and Network Paths with Hyperlinks.
6. Click on Done or OK.

That would disable automatic hyper linking, if you have installed Word 2003 then follow-

1. Go to Tools in the navigation bar.
2. Proceed and click on Auto Correct Options.
3. Click on Auto Format as You Type.
4. Uncheck Internet and Network Paths.

MS Office

Now, if you would like to again enable it, then you need to follow the same procedure and at Internet and Network Paths you need to tick it so that it would be enabled.

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