How to Disable Auto Prefetch in Windows XP

There are lot of reason to love working on Windows XP and so its the best rated Windows operating system. However you experience can be sometimes harsh if you have continued using the same version of Windows XP without formatting it since the speed of Windows XP would be slower due to lot of reason. One of the reason is due to content of prefetch folder in Windows.

Prefetch is the folder which resides on your local hard drive under the Windows folder. The path of Prefetch folder is C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch normally.

Deleting the content under prefetch folder can improve the speed of your PC to an extent but the content of it are added even though you delete it from time to time. This is because your settings in registry are so which allows prefetching of everything. So its a wise thing to disable the prefetching of the applications. Low resources systems which has less memory and hard disk space can use this functionality to run the PC more efficiently. Here is the procedure on how to disable auto prefetching in Windows

1. To change the settings of prefetch folder, you need to open registry. To start with, you need to click on Start > Run and type Regedit.

2. Now that will open registry directory for you

3. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SYSTEM\ CurrentControlSet\ Control\ Session Manager\ Memory Management\ PrefetchParametersregistry edit

Now in the this PrefetchParameters look out for EnablePrefetcher and the value of this will represent how the prefetch folder will operate.
Here are this three possible values of it

0 means Disable
1 means Application Launch prefetch
2 means Boot Prefetch
3 means prefetches everything

registry edit

Now set the value to 0 to disable prefetching and by doing this there will be no more files in prefetch folder.

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  1. Well this one is the easiest procedure to disable Prefetching. Is their other methods to do the same ?

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