Empty Prefetch in Windows XP to gain Speed

Windows XP is among the best rated Windows operating system ever made. Still there are large number of people around the world prefer Windows XP rather we have upgraded versions like Windows Vista and Windows 7 available.

Just like other version of Windows XP too gets slowed down, the Windows XP also slows down and gives a little slower response which it accumulates unnecessary junk files, compressed files, old system files and others. However by performing system cleanup you can free out some memory and make your PC work faster. http://windowstotal.com/how-to-perform-clean-up-in-windows-xp/ Another little known tweak can help you gain some performance on your XP is to delete the content of prefetch folder from time to time.

Prefetch is the folder in Windows drive where you have installed Windows on your PC which will help for the speed launching of the programs and applications by providing a temporary quick launch program. Windows XP is so configured to prefetch applications so that when you load them to memory its appears to be very quick and when XP does this first time, it will copy portions of the program to prefetch area of your local hard drive. Now that’s a good thing that your PC would be immune to fast response to applications but the only disadvantages is that it will also retain a copy in prefetch folder even if you use an application very rarely (once in a month) which seems to be not good. Now there are many applications and programs which we use it only once and might not use for a longer time. This adds to large number of files in prefetch folder hence impact is on the performance of the system leading to slow down of PC.

Here is how the files under prefetch folders looks like


In this article we would go through on how to speed up performance by completely cleaning the known prefetch folder.

The location of prefetch folder is C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch where C: is the drive where I have installed Windows. The content of the folder can also be found by a simply typing ‘prefetch’ in run command which will list out all the files in prefetch folder.

How to Clean the Prefetch Folder

When you are at Prefetch folder, you can either go for selective deletion of files or complete deletion of the files. Its better to select all (you can use CTRL+ A to select all) and delete them at once without any tension. You can also directly delete it by not sending it to Recycle Bin with Shift+ Delete.

Changing Prefetch Settings

You can also configure your Prefetch folder settings accordingly to your needs and requirements. Changing the prefetch folder settings you need to edit your settings in the system Registry. We have provided comprehensive guide on how to edit prefetch folder settings.

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