Enable USB Tethering on Windows Phone 7 Samsung Devices

Windows Phone 7 are known to be getting sold heavily and are already out of stock on major e-commerce stores. The main reason behind this is the features and the tiles which normal users are always habituated to. In this article we will be discussing the method using which you could tether the Internet connection on your Windows 7 Phone through the USB cable to your computer. This option is currently valid to only Samsung devices like Samsung Omnia 7 and Focus.

Steps to Tether :

  1. Open the phone screen composition
  2. Enter the code: # # 634 # > Press Call
  3. This will open a new screen will be similar but in test mode
  4. Then type in the code * # 7284 # > Press Call
  5. See the screen that you see in the picture > Select Tethered
  6. The phone will restart
  7. Attach the USB cable to your phone and PC and wait for it to install drivers
  8. You will see the phone modem and you can configure the data connection

Windows Phone Internet Tethering

number: *99***1#
password: CINGULAR1

Click on connect and the Internet tethering would start, while if it does not work for the first time you should retry it a few times before which the connection would successfully work.

Do make a note that if you are connected to your PC through the tether option you would not be able to connect to the Zune application. Hope these tricks would work for HTC and Dell based Win 7 Phone devices.

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