Find Windows PC Hardware System Details with msinfo32

Windows LogoSome of them might be new to the computer world who would want to know about the complete computer configuration while some of the computer users who have bought their computers quite a sometime back might want to know about the complete configuration of their computers without needing to search for the computer bills, invoices or even without messing up with the opening of CPU.

Unless and until you are some serious computer geek or technology lover it’s difficult to keep in mind about the configuration of computer. If you want to know that with what sort of configuration your computer is loaded with you should have Windows 7 operating system. So, can we get started on how you can pull out the details regarding the resources.

Procedure to find the PC hardware details of your Win 7 powered computer:

Firstly, click on Start and click on Run. If you are unable to find the Run option, then hold down the Windows Key from your Keyboard and simultaneously press the R key. As soon as you press both these keys, you will find that the Run window will be opening up. Please note that irrespective of 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows XP or Windows 7, this technique to show up the Run window will work.

Run Window

In the Run window which gets open up as shown above, you need to enter msinfo32 command and need to click on OK. After clicking on the same, you will see that a System information window will open up as shown below. Basically, in the System information window you will every single information which related to your system, be it your OS version or the processor speed or to the system manufacturer. Every single information which is related to your computer will be shown on the single screen.

System Information

From the above System Window information window, in the left window pane you can see that there are several parameters like System summary which is then parted into other parameters like hardware resources, components and system environment, just choose the parameter which you wish to further explore and then you can find the corresponding information on the right side of the window pane. If you want to find the BIOS version and the processor type then you can find the same in the System summary itself.

To open up Device Manage, click on Start and then right-click on My Computer. In the menu that opens, click Manage. This will open up the Computer Management Window. Expand System Tools and click on Device Manager. This will open up the Device Manager in the window to the right.

If any device is not showing up in the System information then you can find the corresponding information in the Window’s device manager.

Just you need to right click on the Start menu and select the Explorer option, after this you need to right click on My computer in the left pane of the window after which just choose Manage after which you will see that a new pop up window will be opening up.

Manage My computer

As soon as you select the option of Manage computer, you will see that a new pop up will be popping up which is nothing but the Computer Management which displays the hardware of your computer. It will show up a list of disk drives, video cards and also all hardware parts which are present in your computer. Unlike the Systems Information window, Microsoft designed Device Manager to be a troubleshooting and diagnostic tool. With it, you can enable/disable devices, update/install drivers, and see if any conflicts exist between or among the hardware in your computer.

Computer Management

So, in this way you can easily watch out for all hardware and software components which are present in your computer effortlessly.

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