Fix Internet Explorer has Stopped Working Error in Windows

IE9 LogoAre you using the latest Internet Explorer 9 beta version? So, of late many users have complained about the many kinds of error due which browsing experience takes a hit, so let’s see how you can overcome with such sorts of errors like many of them complained that IE 9 stops responding in between of the browsing while trying to open the browser a pop-up error box appears with the following error message, Internet Explorer has stopped working after which Windows closes down the browser and notifies you whether there is any solution or fix for this. Basically this means that IE 9 has entered into a loop process which is basically a never ending process due to which IE 9 takes the drastic step to shut itself down. So, let’s proceed and see how you can avoid or get out of this problem very easily. Just you need to follow a simple procedure mentioned below to get out of this issue. Such sorts of errors are caused by some add ons.

Procedure to fix the Error in Internet Explorer 9:

  • If you have encountered this issue now and also since there’s no way out that you can close this error with the help of task manager, it’s better to restart your Windows 7 computer.
  • Now, Open the Internet Explorer 9 and click on Start
  • Just Click on All Programs, Accessories and select Systems Tools.
  • Now, click on the Internet Explorer (No add-ons). As soon as you click on this, an error seems to be triggered by some incompatible add-on.

If Internet Explorer opens correctly in No add-ons mode, then you just need to identify that which add-on is causing the crashes. This can be done by following these steps:

  • Now, click on tools, manage add-ons and then click on the Tool bars and Extensions, under this Show click All add-ons.
  • Now, click on any add-on and press CTRL + A on your keyboard (this should select all add-ons) after which click on Disable all and simply close the same. Now, open IE 9 and this time IE9 will open up without add-ons.

Now, browse for some time, if you doesn’t get any error then it means that there is some problem in the add ons. Repeat the above process by disabling each add on, by this way you can spot the add-on which is creating the problem after which you can delete the same. If it still doesn’t solve your query then it might be the possibility that there are some registry errors or some registry files may have got corrupted, the only solution to this is to un install the IE 9 and install the same again.

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  1. internet explore not working properly. some it’s hang also some page not open ,massage showing activeX control install , after that i have done the same but problem not solve

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