How To Fix Microsoft Tag Reader Error on Windows Phone 7

Microsoft offers with a very useful tool called as the Microsoft Tag which allows you to easily Create your own Tags and then scan the same from most smart phones. These can be useful in detecting products, connecting with others, sharing business cards or attending events and signing in for the same. Most of the Smartphone marketplaces have the Tag Reader Applications available, but in this article we are discussing about the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 which is not able to read its own Tag using the Tag Reader.

Once you run the Tag Reader after downloading and installing from the Microsoft Marketplace you will be asked to Scan a Tag using the Camera Application, following which an error would be displayed saying “can’t scan” – Make sure the entire Tag is clearly visible and centered in the viewfinder. This error comes even if you have perfectly scanned a Tag and the solution for this is to not stay too close to the tag and rather move back and then Center the Tag while capturing through your Phone.

Next also first ensure that you are connected to the internet because if its not connected then you will not be able to Scan the Tags because the data is hosted online and not on your handset. All this would ensure that the application would work perfectly without bugs and would scan the data perfectly.

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