Fix NTVDM.exe Errors which Hogs CPU Resources Usage

Windows LogoHave you ever encountered with an error of NTVDM.exe, basically this error is the root cause for the increase of virus attacks and also lot of viruses get away with the help of this NTVDM and infect the system. Though the file size of this file is just mere 520Kb, it has a potential to crack down all security related programs. This file is generally places itself in the root of your computer which is at nothing but in the System 32 folder that is in C:\Windows\Sytem32 and will be named as ntvdm.exe. This problem is reported in both ot the operating systems like in Windows XP as well as on Windows 7 too, so both of the suers can follow the below mentioned procedure to solve the error message.

This applications comes in front or in use when you try to run a 16 bit application software on a 32 bit system which are generally found in the older softwares like old games like Sky Roads, Prince to name a few. Also, this file is responsible for hogging of the system resources due to which your system may utilize up to 100% of the system resources even if you have not opened a single application and this happens just for a reason that ntvdm.exe has stopped working, but there are few ways with which you can easily prevent the same which we will be seeing in the due course of the article. So, let’s see on how you can fix the ntvdm.exe CPU usage. You can see that the notification of the ntvdm error is being popped up as shown below.

ntvdm error

Procedure to fix ntvdm.exe CPU usage:

  • Basically as soon as when you start your computer, the ntvdm.exe file tends to start up as soon as the computer boots up, so to stop initialization of this file you will have to follow the below steps,
  • Click on “Start” and then click on “Run”.
  • Run

  • As soon as you click on “Run” you will see that a new command box will be popping up wherein you will have to type in “msconfig” and then simply press on enter.
  • msconfig

  • Now, in the new window, select the “Startup” tab and then simply un tick the tick which is there next to “ntvdm.exe” and then after that simply select on the “Apply” option after which it will prompt you to restart the computer. Just restart the same and the problem will be solved.
  • System Configuration Utility

  • Also, you can alternatively close this file by pressing “Ctrl + Alt + Del” method. Spot the process called ntvdm.exe and simply end the process.

So, that’s it in this way you can easily stop this file from being loading up, also since this is a system 32 file most of the Antivirus doesn’t seems to solve this issue as it’s a system base file and deleting the same could lead to some serious issues in your computer, so the only solution is to ensure that it’s there in your computer but all we have to do is to just avoid the same from being started or initiated.

Since it’s also a DOS based file, this opens up just too many .bat files which loads the process to a very high level which in turn increases the processing capacity to as high as up to 90 – 100% which in fact loads the computer and hence slows down the computer.

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