Getting your home ready to sell requires a lot of complicated decisions about upgrades.
One of the most pivotal and sometimes most expensive upgrades may be to your roof.
Roofing repairs can be some of the most costly expenses in home renovation, but a
damaged roof is often a major deterrent for buyers. If your roof has seen better days, you might be on the fence about whether or not to just replace it. Here are four questions to ask in order to determine if repairing or replacing the roof is a better option.

Which Repairs Are Needed?

A roof that is not overly old and still happens to be in great condition probably does not
need to be replaced (or repaired) at all. However, sometimes there are problems lurking just under the surface that might make your home look really bad after a home inspection.

Take some time to inspect your roof, and request an expert’s opinion as well. When you
know you have a few issues with the roof, get a good sense for what they are. Asphalt
shingles that are shedding granules like there’s no tomorrow are reaching the end of their lifespan. However, a few missing shingles of a variety of materials might be pretty easy to repair without the additional expense of a new roof. If there really are no repairs that need to be made, cleaning the roof can go a long way in making it look up-to-date.

Is Repair Easier With Replacement?

Some problems, like leaks around the chimney flashings, could be fixed without having
to pull up all the shingles at once. Others might necessitate a replacement as a matter of practicality.

It is a common practice to place a new layer of asphalt shingles on top of the old ones. If you have a lot of damage in one spot of the home, however, you would have to pull up all lower layers in order to address it. A significant, long-term leak may also need repairs or replacement for the decking underneath the roof, which would make replacement more sensible.

How Long Will the Current Roof Last?

All parts of the home have a specific lifespan, and the longevity of the roof depends on
the material. The least expensive option, asphalt, can last from 10–25 years. Tile and slate will last much longer, but they are prone to breaking. Metal can maintain pretty much forever, especially if it is newer. Consider how long you have had the roof, and look at how well the repair can make the roof look seamless. You might want to repair a roof that is only a few years old, but if the replacement will show an obvious patch, it will turn off buyers when they drive up. If the roof is nearing the end of its expected lifespan, you might get a bigger benefit from replacement.

What Is Your Budget?

Of course, the idea to make something look new could lead you to spend tens of
thousands of dollars you don’t actually have or lead you to fall into the trap of several
common home selling myths, so your budget and timeline must also come into
consideration. The roof is an important aspect of the home.

If it is in bad shape, it will come up in the buyer’s inspection, and the buyer will probably ask you to make some repairs or replace it. If you need a new roof, and you can find money in your budget for it, you can predict about a 70 percent return on the investment in a higher resale value.

You probably never imagined that selling a home could cost so much money, but repairs and replacement have a specific purpose in the home selling process. By understanding when you should replace your roof, and when you can reasonably have it repaired, you can minimize wasted money and increase your home’s value.

Should I Fix or Replace Roof Before Selling my Home?
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