How to Hide All Icons from Desktop in Windows 7

As a full time blogger I get my Windows 7 desktop full with files like notepad, images and other software shortcuts, thanks to one idea which is I don’t create desktop shortcuts of the software’s which I install and this save a little of my time but from time to time I always need to arrange files and folders in order to keep the desktop clean.

Each software that you install on your personal computer will ask whether you want to create as desktop shortcut icon for the quick launch of the software?

The Windows desktop will be cluttered with many files, program on the desktop. One would be happy if you don’t show the desktop icons on your computer. Here is the procedure on how to not view desktop icons on computer.

1. Right click on the desktop of the desktop which you view. Right now my desktop looks like this-Windows 7 Desktop

2. Go to View and un-check the ‘Show desktop icons‘.Windows 7 Desktop Settings

3. And you are done with the pollution free desktop for you. The desktop from now will only show the files and folders not the desktop shortcut icons for some sofware’s which you install. Here is the one which I am referring to-Windows 7 Desktop Clean

Noticed what happened? All the files or the icons which are displayed on the desktop are not visible to you but they are actually present in the backend. You can follow the same procedure and tick ‘Show desktop icons‘ to start showing the desktop as it is when it was their in the previous time.

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