How to Switch Windows between Monitors with a Click

dual monitorsNow atleast by the time you might be aware that you can connect more than one monitors to a PC and divide your work but not the load on your PC. With a single monitor you can run only certain applications which can make you go limited on working on different applications together. So in that case some smart guys prefer to go with two monitors attached to single PC. That looks pretty easy from the front but when you look at configuration to run a second monitor can be a tedious task to do.

title bar menuThankfully I have came across a free tool which will allow you to move Windows between monitors with a single click. The software named MonitorSwitch works for all Windows platforms. The MonitorSwitch simply adds two custom buttons in the caption bar of any windows which allows you to exchange windows screens. This software can be download from GoldGinGko. You can use the CTRL + SHIFT + Arrow hot key to move the current window left or right.


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