How to Active Windows 7 Hidden Regional Themes

Windows 7 is an operating system which is released to the worldwide and there are a lot of things to be explored in Windows 7 OS. I am not sure whether you know or not, Windows 7 has regional wallpapers and themes which are hidden to all the users. So in this tutorial you will get access to those theme and you can actually activate the themes.

Activating Hidden Regional Themes

Here is the procedure how you will install the hidden themes on Windows 7 –

  1. Open Computer and click on Organize and from the drop down menu select Folder and Search Options.hidden themes
  2. Now navigate to View Tab and the select Show hidden files which will list the hidden files in your PC and also not to forget uncheck Hide Protected operating system files.How to Active Windows 7 Hidden Regioual Themes
  3. You will be soon promoted to display the protected OS files, select Yes and click on OK on Folder Options.hidden themes
  4. Now in the Windows Navigation bar enter %systemroot%\Globalization\MCT\ to navigate to regional themes.hidden themes
  5. You will be having Australia theme, Canada theme, Great Britain themes, United States themes and South Africa themes.hidden themes
  6. Select which theme you want to install and go into theme folder, double click to install.

So now you have access to the hidden theme and you probably have installed one hidden theme by following the above procedure.

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  1. HI , I was not aware of this trick. Something new to know. (The regional theme. )

    Thank you for the great information.

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