How to add “RUN” command to Start Menu is Windows 7

run to start logoRUN” option in computing is really a very important tool, why i’m telling this because if you have recently upgraded to Windows 7 operating system from your older version of Windows XP or if you are a Windows 7 operating system user from quite a while then you must have found that “RUN” command option is missing in the start menu, which was very well there in the start menu in Windows XP.

Now, this article is all about how to bring “RUN” command option in to Start menu from its hidden point. By following a simple set of procedure, you can bring back “RUN” command option tool in Windows 7 operating system like it was in the start menu in Windows XP.

Though, there’s always an easy way of shortcut which can still be accessed to start the “Run” dialogue at any time by simply hitting the Win + R keys on the keyboard but its always convenient to back support things so that every member in your family who uses the computer will be able to access easily from the Start Menu.


1. First, you need to Right click on the “Start” Menu which is at the home screen and then click on Properties.

Right click on start

2. After clicking on the “properties”, a new window will be opened which is “task bar and start menu properties”, now click on “customize”.

Taskbar and start menu properties

3. After clicking on “customize” option button, a new “customize start menu” window will be popped up in which scroll down and select / check “Run Check” command.

Customized start menu

4. As soon as you finish checking  or selecting of “Run command” you will find that “Run” option is all set in “Start” Menu as you can see the below snap shot for the same.

RUN on Start menu

Now, you can see that in the start menu we have successfully added the “RUN” command.

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