How to Back up Internet Explorer settings?

Many times it happens that after painful configuration of Internet explorer settings like, proxy and connection settings, dial up accounts, auto complete forms, passwords, favorites and many other things like cookies and also your list of favorites these settings may get deleted very simply, but not to worry, we will now explain about a tool which is called as Back Rex internet explorer backup which will help you to take a complete back up and that too without any hassles.

Back rex back up tool also helps you to transfer or move the backed up settings to another computer or laptop as well even if it has a different version of Windows operating system or different Internet explorer browser. Now, that’s we call a smart feature. With advanced features like auto scheduled backups, you no longer have to take pains in backing it up again and again. It’s all automatic; you can configure it on a regular basis like daily, weekly or even monthly.

Now, by simply following the procedure mentioned below with the help of images, you will be able to take back up, restore or even schedule the back up according to your requirements.


1. Firstly, all you need to do is to download the Back rex internet explorer back up suite from here.

download backrex

2. Now, after the download, install it as shown below,

installation3. After installation of the back rex internet explorer software suite, a new window will be popped up where in you need to select the option called “BACKUP” or “scheduled back up” and click on “next” tab.


4. As soon as you click on “next” you will have to now select which feature you want to have a back up, you can choose from one to all according to your needs.

backup IE5. Now, after selecting, click on “next” it will start processing the back up and the same will be notified after the completion. scanning registry6. After completion, you will find the pop up as shown below which says “You have successfully completed the back up of Internet Explorer settings”

backup completed

So, similarly you can also restore the settings in the same way but you need to select “RESTORE” option in step 3 and the same procedure remains the same. This software supports all Internet explorer versions 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and recently back rex also added support for the latest Internet Explorer 9.

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