How to Burn Windows 8 IMG ISO BIN DVD Images to Disk

Windows 8 LogoLast time we saw on how you can download the latest beta release of the Windows 8 Milestone 3 edition from the torrent file which is basically an iso file and requires you to copy this iso file in the DVD preferably so that you can boot the DVD to install the same on your computer. If you have just missed the link to download the Windows 8 Milestone version then you can refer a complete guide on Windows 8 so that you can easily download the Windows 8 operating system which is currently in the testing state.

So, let’s proceed and see on how you can easily burn the CD or copy the downloaded Windows 8 iso file into a DVD. Please note that you have a blank DVD and not a partially free DVD as this Windows 8 iso file is very big and needs a minimum space of about 3 GB so, its advised to use a fresh new DVD rather than accommodating on an existing and used one. This Windows 8 is better than the Windows 8 and also comes along with many added features than Windows 7.

Procedure to Burn Windows 8 IMG ISO BIN DVD Images to Disk:

  • First up you will have to insert the blank DVD in your computer and after which on your computer you will see a notification as mentioned below, you will get an Auto Play option in which you will get many options that is Burn files to disc, Burn a DVD video disk, Add files, Build + Burn an Image and last but not the least Burn an Image. So, all you need to do is to just select the option “Burn an Image” as shown below.

AutoPlay Burn an Image

Now, next up you will have to select the destination where you wish to burn the DVD by choosing the preferences like Writing Speed etc., here always try to choose the lower speeds as choosing the lower speeds increases the life of the DVD and also you need to check on the option of “Verify” to verify that whether the files have been successfully written or not.

ImgBurn Interface

Now, next up you will see that the process of burning / writing in the DVD starts as you can see in the below screen shot, its recommended to not to interrupt the writing process or else the files will not be written in the DVD and then you will have to re start the writing or the burning process from the start.

ImgBurn Log

You can see that the log is being generated on all the processes which it does in the process of writing the DVD. So just in case if anything goes wrong then you can easily track the same and can rectify it. Just in case if something goes wrong then you will have to restart the processfrom the start.

ImgBurn DVD Burning Progress

As soon as the writing process is finished, the DVD tray will be ejected and then you can see that the DVD is loaded with the Windows 8 .iso file. Just ensure to check that the Windows 8 operating system’s iso file has been successfully loaded in the DVD or not.

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  1. You forgot to mention that you are using a 3rd Party utility called ImgBurn which is a “free” tool 🙂 I too use ImgBurn and find it very easy to burn ISO’s.

    ImgBurn can be downloaded from –

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