How to Capture Video of your screen with On screen recorder?

on screen video recorderCapture video without a video camera, yes its possible. Just by using a simple software tool you can capture the on screen contents, it’s a very useful tool for web tutors and also for people who makes online web tutorials. It’s a very useful tool for teaching computer as this tool gives practical knowledge than a traditional handbook containing step by step procedures. This tool saves time in writing a step by step procedure as the movements of mouse, movements, clicks and all icon hits are recorded very efficiently and provides video tutorial.

The free screen to video program software tool can easily be downloaded from here. The name of the software is koyote soft screen to video converter, this software tool is a FREE tool, and it’s not a trial one, so you can use it the way you want, without any limitations. Adding to the list of customizations in this on screen video capture software tool you also have option whether to add sound to the video or not and also can select the video output such as like Windows Media Player (WMP) or VLC.

So, now starting with the simple procedure you can download and install the on screen recorder:

1. First you need to download the software tool from here as mentioned above too. The file size of this file is of 4.7 MB. Now open the downloaded file and click on “RUN”.

download and install2. As soon as you click on “RUN” a new dialog box will be opened asking you to select the language, select “English” and proceed by clicking on “OK”.

welcome setup screen3.  You will now be welcomed with a welcome screen asking you to click on “next” to proceed as shown above and next accept the agreement as shown below,

accept the agreement4. After clicking on “next” you will be asked to select the location where you wish to store this application in your computer.

select the folder to store5. As soon as you click on “next” you will be asked to select the components to install and for installation it will be requiring 13.3 MB for a full version, its recommended to select “Full installation” rather than going for “customized installation”.

select the component to install6. Now after clicking on next you will be asked to choose from two options, “run after installation” and “create desktop shortcut “. Select accordingly and proceed to “install” by clicking on “ok” and then finally click on “Finish” to launch the application as the application gets starts automatically

setup is completed

7. Now we have successfully finished the installation and as soon as you click on “Finish” the software opens up.

main screen of screen capture8. As you can see that in the above screen there’s an icon which is “Screen Capture”, click on that and you are ready to start the on screen recorder. As soon as you click on “Screen Capture” a drop down box will be coming up wherein you have to select the screen area which you need to select for recording out of 3 options “Entire screen capture”, “Window selection capture” and also from “selected area capture” as shown below

select recording area9. Click on the option you like and select “start” button to start recording. After clicking on “start”, you will be asked to enter the file name and also the format in a new pop up window.

save the video10. As soon as you click on Save, the video will start capturing, to stop capturing the video you need to press function key “F10” from your keyboard. Lets check at the recorded content.

On Screen Recorded Content

You can also change the capturing configuration according to your needs and requirements. so, now in ten simple steps you have successfully learnt how to download, install and record  on screen content without needing a camera.

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