How to Change Computer Icon on Windows Desktop

Windows 7 LogoVisual appeal is what we all love to experience, considering the high graphics delivery by Windows 7 operating system; the desktop icon sets are not so attractive. So, by using some steps mentioned below we will see on how you can change and personalize the computer icon sets. If you can recollect in the previous versions of Windows Operating system it was called as the My Computer icon whereas in the Windows 7 operating system, it’s just called as a Computer. So, for customizing the desktop icon, you just need to follow some simple steps as shown below:

Procedure to change computer icons on Windows 7 desktop:

  • First, Right click on the desktop and choose Personalize.

Right Click Options

  • Now, you need to click on Change desktop icons in the Personalization window as shown below.


  • As you can see from the above personalization options, in the left pane of options, the Change desktop icons. You just need to click on in it, after which you will see that Desktop icon settings Window will be popping up.

Desktop icon Settings

  • In the desktop icon settings window, you need to select the icon which you wish to change icon of and then click on the Change icon tab after which many icons will be popping up out as shown below, out of which you can select one for designating it to the icon.

Change icon

  • Now, you need to point the window to the icon. Please note that icon files are supporting only the files which have extensions .icon, .icl, .exe and .dll. Now, just click on Open as you can see below.

Changed icon

Now, come Back to Change Icon window and click on OK again to close the icon window for saving the settings which are modified. So, in this way you can easily change the icons of many desktop icons in the Windows 7 easily.

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