How to Change Mouse Pointers in Windows 7

Many users like customzation of the operating sytem that use and this customization can include anything from adding a custom hardware part, tweaking your home screen looks, enhancing front end of operating system or the browser you use and lot many things. One of the interesting properties of Windows which I gonna explain you is about the Windows 7 Mouse Pointers. This is article all about Mouse Pointers in Windows 7.

Latest release of Windows 7 has also done improve the way Mouse and Pointing devices looks in and has added more towards customization & performances.

How to launch Mouse Pointers

1. To launch mouse pointer and change the settings, click on start and open Control Panel.mouse pointers

2. Now under Appearances and Personalization click on “Change the theme”.

3. Now click on “Change Mouse Pointers” to enter into mouse properties and settings.

mouse pointers

Pointers Scheme

You can select a variety of scheme in Windows 7 and this will add a different set up on how the mouse points out and reacts. Like for example if you take Magnifier as the system scheme you would see a normal select appearing magnified and mouse performance during other work would be varied with different symbols. The scheme option is available under Pointer tab beside Buttons.

Under Button tab you find options like switching from primary to secondary buttons, double click speed and clicklock which enables you to highlight or drag without holding down the mouse button.

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