How to create & add customised Screenshots and Screen clippings in Word 2010

Screen shot and screen clippingThere are many features in Microsoft Word 2010, one out of which is the ability to take the screen shots using the Microsoft Word 2010 itself, Guess what ? You neither have to install any additional software patch or any additional software tool. All you have to do is to just grab a screen shot of an open window or just highlight the particular area of which you need to have the screen shot. The advantage of taking screen shot this way is that you can easily insert the same into the document quickly without first needing to go through the process of Print Screen way. So, lets start with the procedure with which you can simply customize the screen shots and screen clippings as per your requirements very easily.

Procedure to select an available screen shot of an open window:

  • First of all, make sure that the window which you wish to grab a screen shot of is not minimized and is maximized to a full screen.
  • Now, Open the Microsoft Word 2010 and go to the Ribbon and Select the Insert tab as shown below.

Insert Ribbon

  • Now, Go to the Illustrations section and click on Screenshot option and select the thumbnail representing the window you wish to capture.

Screen Shot

  • Now, after clicking on Screen shot you will see that the series of past and current screen captures will be shown like in above screen shot you can see and after selecting one out of that it can be inserted into the document, where you can re size it according to you requirements.

Screen Shot in Document

Procedure to highlight a specific area in the screen shot and capture the same:

  • First you need to Open the Microsoft Word 2010, go to the Ribbon and select the Insert tab.

Insert Ribbon

  • Now, select the Screen Clipping option which is there in the Screenshot tab as shown below.

Screen Clipping

  • As soon as you select the option you will see that with the help of mouse pointer you can point the area which you wish to clip and make the screen shot out of a complete screen shot image.

Screen clipping process

  • As shown above, as soon as you select the area of which you wish to take the screen shot clipping the clipping will be inserted in the Microsoft Word 2010 document.

Screen Clipped

So with some simple steps you have now learnt on how to add the screen shots and screen clippings directly into the Microsoft Word document easily.

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